Useful Links

From traveling, meeting people, and talking to other misfit travelers on the Internet I have found these to be the most useful travel links of all time.

 >> Hitch Wiki - This is a great website for finding tips and tricks to hitch hiking all over the world. I normally search the country I am in before traveling there to find out any useful information for hitchin' in that particular country.
 >> Nomad Wiki - This is another great resource for misfit nomads. It has information on squatting, camping, finding free food, places to stay, and any other information that is not covered on HitchWiki.
Train Hopping
 >> Open Railway Map - An interactive mapping software that determines the railways, type of railways and location of yourself in comparison to them. Great link for knowing your location and can become handy for freight train hopping. Use this with caution.

 >> On-Track-On-Line - A railroad digital scanner frequencies list!

 >> 2017 Class I Railroad Google Maps - Adds all Class I railroads to your Android Google Maps App!

 >> Train Hopping 101 Guide - An 8,000 word guide to riding freight trains, covering hobo ethics, safety, gear, and additional resources to start riding trains.

 >> WiFi Free Spot - A list of free Wi-Fi hot spots!
Seasonal Work
 >> Workamper - A site that costs $34/year and sends opportunities to you on seasonal national forest campground jobs! 

 >> Icicle Seafoods - This is a great company to work for when it comes to food processing in Alaska. You may not get paid much per hour, but you rake in a lot from 70+ hour weeks. I wanted to do it for a season, but ended up finding seasonal work packing parachutes.

 >> Xanterra - I worked for this company in January of 2016 at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon as a dishwasher doing seasonal work.  I also worked as a dishwasher in September of 2017 in Crater Lake.  The company sucks, but they have parks and resorts throughout the USA so you can get jobs at the National Forests.  They hire anyone and everyone so if you need work, apply.

 >> WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms- This requires membership fees.  I am not a member but I have worked on an organic farm and this is one way to work and live for free while you travel.

 >> - Learn how to pack tandem parachutes for skydiving drop zones and have an endless supply of seasonal work that pays well, all around the world.
Travel Forums: Hitchhiking, freight train hopping, bicycle touring, squatting, etc.
 >> Squat The Planet - The site that started it all for me. Great information on hitch hiking, freight hopping, camping, essential gear for living on the road, crust surfing, tramping of all kinds, bicycle touring information and more. Definitely register and check it out. Great place full of travelers who just aspire to travel and will do so by any means, broke or not!
 >> Google Flights - Sometimes it's necessary to find a cheap ticket online to get out of the country. I found a flight to China for $250.00 using Google Flights. Check it out!
 >> Vagabond Guide for Trainhoppers, Hitchhikers, Bicycle Punks! - I re-uploaded the Vagabond Bible (2015) edition provided by Hobo_Huck of StP and the subreddit /r/vagabond section

 >> I also uploaded a bicycle punks guide to all the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) Routes in KML file. They can be easily imported to Google Earth and converted to .GPX using GPS Visualizer.  

 >> And last but not least, here is the Professional North American Railroad Atlas for freight train hopping.
 >> Rome2Rio - A useful website to check for the cheapest way out of where you are at via bus, airplane, etc. (obviously hitchhiking is the cheapest, but if you really need to get somewhere fast and have the money, this resource comes in handy).