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The Wind and Rain 8″x10″ Print


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8″x10″ Glossy Digital Print

11×14 Picture Mat for 8×10 Photo with backing board and bag

This item comes with a pre-cut mat, backing board and clear bag.

The opening size is 7.5″x9.5″ for 8×10 print. Color: Black

The mat is beveled cut with white core and 4-ply thick (about 1.4 mm or 1/16 inch), The backing is white on both sides.

The re-sealable adhesive strip of the clear bag is below the opening of the bag instead of on the flap.


Height: 8 Inches; Width: 10 Inches


“I was riding a freight train on my way through Jasper National Park heading back to Edmonton when a storm brewed beyond the mountains. I still did not have a sleeping bag and spent much of the past few days overtired from lack of sleep and cold bones. My train zipped through the mountains along glacial lakes sprinkled throughout the Canadian Wilderness with endless miles of green coniferous forests and in this moment I snapped a flick of the distant storm as she curved around a bend of track.”

This is an 8″x10″ digital glossy print of my experience riding freight in Jasper, Alberta. It comes with a beveled black matte and is unframed, but has a plastic sleeve.


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