Freight Hopping Articles

Freight Hopping Articles and Stories

I thought I would share with you guys some interesting articles on freight train hopping, not just in America, but around the world.  I know my blog covers more than just freight hopping, with budget travel being the main focal point, however, hitchhiking, bicycle touring, and backpacker blogs are much more common.  If you are looking for more entertaining articles and blog entries below I have compiled a list to other freight hopping articles and blogs so you can read at your leisure.


Freight Hopping Publications

  • Mike Brodie – Photography publications on railroad culture available for purchase.
  • Space and Hobo – A book on freight hopping stories with Space and Hobo available for purchase.
  • Swampy – Photography and railroad zines available for purchase.
  • Aaron Dactyl – Railroad Semantics – A ongoing series of freight hopping stories as told by Aaron Dactyl in zine format available for purchase.
  • Hobo Shoestring – A string of free stories from none other than Hobo Shoestring, a train rider of almost 30 years with over 1.6 million miles of riding time.
  • North Bank Fred – A library of free freight hopping articles, stories, and railroad culture information from North Bank Fred, catch him speaking in the movie, “Catching Out” by Sarah Georges while he discusses the culture of riding.
  • Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture – List of Books on Hobo History and Riding the Rails – A comprehensive list of books that cover first hand accounts of riding the rails as hoboes, bums, tramps, from the 1900’s and onward…very interesting reads among a few cool dissertations.