Exploring Chicago

Mall Cop Frenzy

Exploring Chicago The next few days will feel like an eternity.  20 hour bus ride, followed by a day of sitting at the airport, then a 13 hour flight to Beijing and a 22 hour...
Chester, Illinois

Chester Illinois

Chester Illinois I woke up today on the futon around 8 AM surprisingly I wasn't hungover from the Blue Moons we pounded down the night before.  I thanked Phillip for his hospitality.  He left for...


Carbondale I woke up several times off of County Road 1900 laying down in the woods to leaves rustling and twigs breaking.  I heard the tiniest of footsteps go by my head.  It must have...
Sam Dale Lake State Park Illinois

Sam Dale Lake State Park

Sam Dale Lake State Park I ended up resting at a church off US 50 near Buchanan Drive.  At first I figured I'd stay out of the heat and cool off, but after telling everyone...
Quarry in Indiana near a Blasting Site

Wanderin’ on a Blast Site…Kaboom

Wanderin' on a Blast Site...Kaboom Lawrenceville, Illinois I woke up at 4:30 AM to crickets chirping in my ear.  As soon as I stopped moving they would start right back up again so I decided to...