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Into the Night

Into the night on a cold bed of steel,Clouds float on through the dark sky like icebergs at sea,Stars wink under a crisp half moon;My mind is as clear as glass.All heard is the...

What’s Wild and What’s Machine

Back in the woods on a frost-covered berm,by the river,in the mountains,by the endless steel bands;a call of what's wild and what's machine;The serpent rides on through dawn, meandering opaque banks,flowing smalt.The wild lives...

Into the 🌙

All light disappearsDarkness runs wild insideHis mind is the gun

A Magnum Opus of Ramblin’ Thought

There comes a time in every man's life when he asks himself the rudimentary questions of purpose, self-worth, and happiness.  As a stubborn young man rooted in his ways, blinded by hubris, searching for...

‘In-Between Societies’

Medicated, jaded, still rippin' that steel when anxiety tortures me I quit my job year after fuckin' year.I've lost friends.I've lost family.My choices burn deep red,with the passions in my soul rattlin' around in...