The Leaves are Changin’, I’m Slowin’ Down

Some of the first hiking and camping experiences I remember take me back to an ambient palette of blue skies cast out along the ridge of the Shenandoah Mountain Range.  We wandered trails that...

Old Man Look at My Life

As the years melt away through the beautiful chaos of the seasons, I see a man standing amongst the second roundabout in Manchester.  He’s about forty years my senior.  He’s neither homeless nor a traveler.  He’s just...
Lost Dutchman's State Park

Lost Dutchman’s Park

Haunted Lost Dutchman's Park I worked another frantic week on my feet busing tables, serving food and rearranging tables, chairs and silverware for the next day's wedding. However, the upside to my job came with...
Sacred Falls Oahu

Sacred Falls Takes Some Balls

Hiking Sacred Falls Trail in Hawaii! So after bumming around Kauai and Maui for a month with my wife I found myself back in Oahu. A few days of work accompanied with sunshine gave me...

Kalalau Trail Hawaii’s Most Dangerous Hike

Hiking Kalalau Trail Hawaii's Most Dangerous Hike We landed in Kauai rather late after hitching a ride to the airport with Kalei’s ex-boyfriend. As we walked out of the airport I sensed a more laid...