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In 2013, Brian Cray sold all of his possessions and set out on a bicycle tour to the unknown with no real plan other than to head west towards Seattle.  He ended up getting stuck in the Rocky Mountains in Breckenridge, CO and solidified a job within three days, spending the next eight months there for the ski season.  This started his life of travel and now he wanders around between jobs year-after-year, in search of new landscapes and experiences.  What started off as bicycle touring across the USA, has slowly developed into a repertoire of travel methods like hitchhiking and hopping freight trains.  Nothing is too farout.

Lost Dutchman's State Park

Lost Dutchman’s Park

Haunted Lost Dutchman's Park I worked another frantic week on my feet busing tables, serving food and rearranging tables, chairs and silverware for the next day's wedding. However, the upside to my job came with...

Phoenix South Mountain Park Meets MS-13

Phoenix South Mountain Park So I took time to browse Craigslist while I was staying in Chandler at my buddy Jay's place and found a sweet deal on a bicycle, pump and lock for $60....
Bike Tools Bicycle Gear List

Bicycle Touring Gear

Bicycle Touring Gear  This is a comprehensive list that I have updated over the past 6 years of traveling. It includes essential gear needed for long-distance bicycle touring along with hitchhiking and backpacking. The outlined bike gear...

Prospector Campground

Prospector Campground I woke up at 7 AM at the Georgetown Lake Shelter Campground. The other people packed up their belongings and headed out around the same time. The temperature did not get above ten...
Dillon Lake

Breckenridge Jerbs

Breckenridge I woke up today in the bathroom at Prospector Campground near Lake Dillon. The temperature dropped down to ten degrees over the course of the night. I need a better sleeping bag. The one...