Singapore Tramping

Hitchhiking Singapore Where Gum is Illegal…

Hitchhiking Singapore I hitched two rides the next morning, one to Segamat and the next to Labis. My map labeled every city in Malaysia in both English and Malay. For the rides where people did...
Hitchhiking Pagoh

Hitchhiking Pagoh with Chewbacca

Hitchhiking Pagoh The night sky dispersed after a few hours of walking into the radiant sunrise. A revitalizing breeze cooled my skin in this time, but shortly after the sunrise I sought refuge in the...
Hitchhiking Muar

Hitchhiking Muar, Hooked on Gudang Garam

Hitchhiking Muar I awoke eager to check out the silos over the chain linked fencing, but a welder dove into his work in the adjacent yard, early morning, lacking gloves and a face mask to...
Abandoned Melaka, Malaysia

Hitchhiking Melaka, Another Dirty Tramp 

Hitchhiking Melaka "This is another excerpt from a rough draft of my book detailing my adventures hitchhiking Melaka when I traveled through Malaysia in 2015." Walking in the dead of summer sucked. I felt inebriated despite...
Port Dickson Sunset

Hitchhiking Port Dickson, the Resort Town Butler

Port Dickson Below is another excerpt from my book, which I have decided to call, "The Nectar of Life: Misfit Travel" it outlines my first few days in Malaysia ending up in a Resort Town...