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Brian Cray

Brian Cray is not a cyclist. He’s not a hitchhiker. He’s not a train hopper or an adrenaline junkie. He’s just an ordinary man with gypsy blood in his veins, who can’t seem to settle down. Nothing defines him. He goes wherever this world takes him on this journey we call life, roaming the world, at will, by any means. He aspires for a life of indefinite travel, a tiny home in the woods for him and his wife, and any work that keeps him wanderin’. Brian Cray is a travel writer at heart, sharing his stories with the world one keystroke at a time.

Born in 1989 in Delaware, Brian Cray first began travel writing in 2013 when he set out on a coast-to-coast bicycle tour headed nowhere in particular after losing his job as a Geotechnical Engineer.  Cray spent the next several years roaming around by any means, dabbling in cycling, hitchhiking, hopping freight trains, long Greyhound journeys, and cheap flights, anything, a low-budget traveler could afford to keep moving.

His gypsy blood and restlessness kept him wanderin’ aimlessly where he explored much of the United States (2013 – Present) and some of Southeast Asia (2014 – 2015).  His misfit travels curbed his lust for adventure.  With journals of bicycle touring across America, to a collection of stories, telling of firsthand accounts thumbin’ it through China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines, to his multiple hitchhiking and freight hopping adventures back-and-forth around America, where does it end?  Having no formal training in writing or journalism, his collection of stories tell the lifestyle of the itinerant worker and drifter, roaming in and out of society, wanderin’ between jobs for a true experience at romanticized freedom, from the books he read as a kid.

Cray documented his explorations by pen and photograph capturing the true beauty of freedom in America as he saw it firsthand (2016 – 2017).

His work captures the true heart of adventure with a semi-foot-loose lifestyle, living alternatively from the traditional 9-5 job, but not as an American Hobo or Dirty Kid.  He worked to be on the road, but did not wander the road for work, unless work stumbled upon him.

He sets out to publish his first novel unmasking the obstacles, truths and emotions behind his traveling homeless, among his mental battles, and the highs and lows of the road.  From the romanticized books he read as a kid and the story of Christopher McCandless, Cray set out on the rails to follow his dream, the simplicity of freedom, and to look for happiness.

He hopes his vision will inspire others to seek out happiness, and pursue their dreams.  He is still searching himself, with no regrets, as he plans his next adventure with his wife, whom he loves so much, but continues to set out on solo adventures wandering the steel any chance he gets…


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