It comes and goes in waves much like the ocean, the sun and the moon.  It strikes like jolts of lightning and then disappears, lurkin’ underneath, and dwellin’ in the clouds.  This esoteric feelin’ is hard to tame, nearly out of my control.  I’m just along for the ride, driftin’ through life like a teem of fish at sea, followin’ the wind and fleein’ the rain, tryin’ to find my purpose in this void, society.  Maybe it’s to write, to read, to spread art for those to see, to hit the road and wander with my two feet like the rest of the lost souls I meet.

Not all who wander are lost, but I definitely am and that’s alright.  I’ve chosen the life I want, to work until the stagnance of comfort and routine creeps up and makes me quit and leave.  That desire, that lust of the unknown strikes in full force and I wander aimlessly until it’s curbed.  Then I drift back into it all in a vicious cycle, an affliction, a desire, a need or want.  I’ll be back on the steel, eventually.  There’s too much to see and not enough time.  We’re all slowly fadin’ away, bringin’ the planet with us and all I wanna do is ride.  Until next time.

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