I walk around to free my mind of this curse called thought.

When I’m out there on the road it’s a break from the boredom of it all.

Sleep, eat, work, bills, a day off, rinse, repeat…it’s all the fuckin’ same…

I’d rather ride trains around on any given day.

Without work though I’m not earnin’ it, I’m not pullin’ my own weight.

I trickle back into society with a clean new slate.

I start a new job, hopin’, prayin’, that it won’t be the same.

But in the end I’m in and out…nothin’s gonna change.

I guess there’s a happy medium between hedonistic worlds of ramblin’ and the insane.

This is how I live my life,

In between the pages of black and white,

A hedonistic degenerate, a bum, a victim of two worlds,

Take a stab at my plight, it’s all the same, I really don’t fuckin’ care.

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