Intense bursts, rushing, feeding your energy like a shockwave of highs, send you dancing to the sky.  You can accomplish anything. The world in these moments is completely yours like shaping clay in your hand. You can create anything. You can do anything. You are SUPERMAN.

Suddenly, you can’t. Everything is out of reach. The shadows creep in and smother your soul like a leech feeding off of your flesh. You crawl to the endless depths of the universe to fill these voids, to runaway, to evade the pain and tranquilize the DEMON inside, but hell is always burning, and running wild.

You can’t run. You can’t hide. You can’t douse those flames. Nothing can avoid these lows, diminishing your mind, body, soul and its spirit.

And so, you wait it out.  Time is both your friend and worst enemy and so, it repeats.  

This is the roller coaster you call life, the bipolar express of emotion and in order to give anything to stand atop the world, you must sell your soul to the demons below who are waiting for you at the end of your ride.

The life of Superman and his Kryptonite.

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