Abandoned Arizona - Casa Grande
A UFO in abandoned Casa Grande!

Abandoned Arizona – The Casa Grande Domes, Casa Grande, AZ

Update: After visiting the Casa Grande Domes I learned that one of them collapsed shortly after we explored the facility sometime in late 2016

After getting a job in Goodyear much of my time was tied up with working odd shifts and weekends, but Kelly and I still found time to explore abandoned Arizona and the wonderful relics it left behind. Before a shift one day we took a mini road trip down to Casa Grande to scope out the abandoned Casa Grande Domes.

Abandoned Arizona Casa Grande
Abandoned Casa Grande

The trip down there felt uneventful. I fancied her request to stop and explore a cemetery off the highway. After walking over hundreds of gravestones, seeing unknown headstones of deceased children, one of them with an old, decrepit doll in front of it I started to get goosebumps and begged her to leave.

She chuckled and my “badassery” went down a few points, but we continued on to the longitude and latitude coordinates of the Domes.

We turned off the highway onto a little road lined with two vacant mobile homes and the Domes off in the distance. (I assumed we needed to hike off the roadway a few miles to get to them, but I was wrong.)

I pulled off into a bank and we jet across the road, jumping over the drooping rope with the “NO TRESPASSING” sign on it. The first dome looked like a UFO ship straight out of Men in Black. I peeped in to an empty shell with light shining in through two holes in the dome-shaped ceiling. It felt like an alien force summoned me above to another galaxy as if I just walked onto their ship.

Empty Abandoned Domes!

We explored the other vacant domes and every one was completely gutted with only the shell remaining. Graffiti lined the encrusted walls. Every dome thereafter stood structurally unstable with huge pieces of concrete smashed across the floor. Light peeped in through the big holes and crevices where the ceiling once laid and the UV rays deteriorated the shells leaving splotches of crusty, yellow insulation foam flaking from every dome.

The spookiness amplified upon talking inside the bubble-like structures. In certain areas I spoke and the acoustics made it sound like I was right behind Kelly whispering in her ear when really I stood on the other side of the room. Birds made nests in the abandoned structures and most of the floor covered in poop and trash.

Aside from the structures itself there was not much to see that we could not have seen from across the street in our vehicle, but nonetheless, we explored more abandoned Arizona ruins between our hectic shifts.

Exploring the Abandoned Domes

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