5 Tips for Traveling With Young Children

Have you ever been at the airport and wondered how parents survive the long plane ride with their crying, crawling infant? Making travel hassle-free with a child is a daunting prospect, but with a bit of planning and a fool-proof strategy you can make the process a lot easier.

Make Traveling With Your Toddler Effortless

Heading to your favorite vacay destination with your special angel need not be a hassle with the guidance of these simple tips.

#01. Get Your Child A Ticket and Carry A Safety Seat

Buying him a ticket and having that infant seat is a no-brainer. It is, in fact, the golden rule when you travel with your baby. Most airlines also recommend having a safety seat for your child since having them on your lap is a risk; they may suffer injuries or even death in case there is an accident. Also, you might not know if you will find an empty seat in which you can place your baby with a child safety restraint (a car seat with a tag attached that says ‘approved for aircraft). So, it is wise to get that extra seat these days, when most flights are full. According to MovingBabies.com, having a child car seat ensures not only the safety of your child but also his comfort and happiness.

#02.Learn How to Install the Safety Seat, and Do Not Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

The best thing to do is, master the art of installing your child’s seat, and have the conviction that you are right. According to FAA recommendations, a child car seat should be less than 16 inches wide and face the rear for children less than 20 pounds and those children weighing 40 pounds or less should sit in FAA-approved child safety-seats when flying. You can find more information on how to install the safety seat here.

#03.  Find Airlines and Airports That Are Child-Friendly

Sometimes you can have terrible experiences with airlines depending on the attitude of the cabin and ground crew. However, according to research, most airlines with overall good reputations tend to be the most child-friendly, so there is hope. Most airports provide some play facilities for toddlers, facilities that are geared towards making your child calm as you wait to board your plane.

#04. Have Courtesy

Kids are kids, and as hard as you try to control them, an exciting new environment like an airplane might just be too much. Since your child cannot speak for herself, it is vital that you apologize on her behalf. If she grabs and yanks out the headsets of the rock star seated in front of her, be polite and apologize. Most people tend to have a soft spot for young kids, and so you might be surprised by other passengers responses.

#05. Beat the Airplane Blues With A Stash of Treats to Distract Your Child

Sometimes the best-laid plans might not guarantee you a smooth trip. It is the little mysteries that end up saving your day. So before your flight, fill a bag with some presents like wrap toys, dolls, flashy lollipops, something that your child can play with when all else goes haywire. You will not only keep her busy but also give her something to look forward to as you head towards your destination. We also suggest downloading a couple of apps for your phone to keep your child busy. As a last case scenario, you might be desperate enough to give it a go.

Do not be scared of flying with your kids. It might be a challenge, but with the right strategy, you are bound to have an easier time and make memories that will last a lifetime!


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