Her silver glint,

Struck the sky,

Shinin’ off the steel.

I walked along the wobbly banks,

Sinkin’ in my dreams.

The wooden ties sang a song,

Shakin’ under shoes.

I clenched my toes.

She rumbled so,

Shatterin’ silence with her wheels.

Horns sounded off,

Chugs serenaded to the clouds.

I skittered to the woods,

Lost, and notย found.

Where would I run?

Perhaps, the junk train,

Creepin’ past.

I hopped on,

Surrenderin’ to landscape blurrin’ by,



Escapin’ memories left awry.

Readin’ books,

Writin’ poems,

Goin’ Home,ย 


Wherever I so chose…

Watchin’ life drift me by,

Drownin’ and,

A teeterin’,

In one’s fickle mind…

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