Train Hopping Baldwin Florida
I learned an important lesson today...don't catch a train on the fly on the middle track...there may be switchers that you hit your feet with and you might get fucked up or killed.

She thwacked me once,

She slammed me twice,

Her path stifled my tracks.

I bruised,

I bled,

I cracked my head,

Mangling my cheer.

For not every catch

On the fly,

Brought romantic bliss…

Fumblin’ feet and hot pursuit

left me, but adrift.

A flap of skin danced on my head,

the crimson flowed within,

squirtin’, smearin’, a dribblin’

I looked down at all my limbs,

with injuries time would fix…

Thankin’, Praisin’, Jumblin’ words, 

and soon to come to sense.

I took ridin’ seriously

ever fuckin’ since…

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