Tucson, AZ

Slowly I tiptoe
Shadows drown glistening steel
She creeps to a halt

I wait patiently
Grass joins the chorus of wind
Whirs fade to a hiss

I jump to my feet
She starts rolling inch by inch
Rocks slip under foot

I clench her brisk rung
Throwing myself on the porch
I take off my pack

I hear the howling
She hums on the narrow steel
I fade to darkness

Squished in the foxhole
I embrace my solitude
Rapture resonates

My eyes breathe beauty
We are all misfits riding
Setting our minds free

Oh how I love it
Where will her tracks take me now
Wake up miles away


  1. Yes, I agree. I think it is because of fear and comfortability. Some people are forced out of comfort. Some people choose to push their fears and sacrifice comfort, but I think if you live life how everyone tells you to, you will never really experience its unknown possibilities, the innocence of adventure.

  2. haha, I recognise that experience. Funny how solitude heightens experiences massivley as well in a way people who are afraid to be alone don’t recognise as well. Find it mad that some people will die never really having experienced the world in that state


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