Sacred Falls Oahu
The view of Sacred Falls on the island of Oahu. A sketchy hike with a lot of potential falling rock, which can be deadly, but the view is breathtaking.

Hiking Sacred Falls Trail in Hawaii!

So after bumming around Kauai and Maui for a month with my wife I found myself back in Oahu. A few days of work accompanied with sunshine gave me a thirst for more exploration: to hike SACRED FALLS!

I did not do much research about hiking this closed trail. I just knew it was illegal and moderately patrolled, but nothing compared to the Stairway to Heaven hike. From hitchhiking around the east side of Oahu and taking Bus 55 I knew the trailhead for Sacred Falls started somewhere near Punalu’u Beach Park.

I won’t give exact directions, but if you take the #55 bus and use common sense you will be able to find the hike.

Sacred Falls is Unsafe

Please, I do not recommend hiking this trail.

This is why I did not provide directions.  From my personal experience, hiking Sacred Falls just seems far too dangerous. Potential rock slides causing falling rock to cave in on the valley, the very valley you will be in where the waterfalls are located, make it really deadly to hike.

In my personal opinion, if you pick a sunny day after a few days of sunshine then your hiking experience should be fine. Nothing is certain 100%, but please do not be the dumb ass who hikes it in torrential rainfall or high winds.

You are just asking to get clobbered in the head with falling rocks, and experience potential deadly land slides or rock slides. Once you are at the Sacred Falls Waterfall the only way out is back through the valley you hiked in through.

So pick a great weather day to do the day hike. Bring high ankle support boots to get you through the squishy, slippery, jungle mud and cross the streams with much caution as you will hike through a series of flash flood areas.

Do not hike this trail in December during the worst month of rainy season.

The trail is surprisingly easy to follow and is pretty well-maintained despite being illegal. I thought it was an easy to moderate hike for Hawaii, a 4-mile, round-trip trail (2 miles in, 2 miles out) and definitely worth the trip.

Keep in mind if you get caught you will get fined $2,500 for your first offense. Know your limits. Know your skill level. And most importantly if you choose to break the law by criminal trespassing use common sense and be safe. Don’t run, yell or go out in inclement weather or on a cloudy day. People have died here. That’s why it’s illegal. So keep that in mind.

Check out the Sacred Waterfalls Trail Below and BE SAFE!

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