Homeless in Hawaii

I’ve been homeless on and off now by choice for over three years so I can constantly travel. I work seasonal jobs and wander between while looking for work, which until recently only involved an ID. But, because businesses in America care about the entity instead of society and its people this is becoming more difficult especially with the Patriot Act, instituted by George Bush, one of the great ones, soon surpassed by the legacy of Trump or Hillary. We all know America is going up in the world especially with such worthy, exemplary candidates…

Homeless in Hawaii
Homeless in Hawaii

I’ve found myself homeless in Hawaii while I work at a drop zone packing parachutes. In order to do so they forced me into opening an LLC. Great of them, I say. After all, what better way to fuck employees out of health insurance, benefits, workman’s compensation, all the while paying less taxes. Kudos, I say.  Better yet, if setting up a business did not put enough stress into my life I am finding out just how important a permanent address really is…

Wasps behind Pacific Skydiving Center on Oahu

“Well your Colorado license does not reflect your home address. Is it not a legitimate address in New York? Are you a terrorist Mr. Donaldson? My what a pain in my balls it is to get paid for seasonal work in this day and age. If you work seasonally for multiple years then you most likely have no address. You sleep outside legally, illegally, couch surf, and live for free because there is no freedom left in America. The last pure adventure left in this country is hitchhiking, walking or train hopping. Needless to say, the week long hassle with my bank only continues as I try to figure out how to deposit my check for legitimate work completed. Who knows what might happen? It either works out or doesn’t. If it doesn’t I start walking and exploring the rest of Hawaii. Long live America and our many freedoms that are slowly diminishing with more laws and restrictions.

homeless in hawaii
I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…homeless in hawaii campin’ on the beach

Until then I keep my two feet walking or pedaling as I explore the island of Oahu.  My cheap $20 bicycle will get me around for the next two months as I “home bum” it on Kalei’s couch, doing small chores and yard work as a work-trade opportunity to continue my travels wherever the wind sways.

homeless in hawaii
The best part of being homeless in Hawaii is using my time to hike!  Here’s a view from hiking Peacock Flats trail…next is Sacred Falls and the infamous Stairway to Heaven




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