Hitchhiking Hawaii

So I arrived in Hawaii on September 9th to start my job at Pacific Skydiving Center as a tandem parachute packer. I felt intimidated moving from a small drop zone to a big turbine operation where speed meant everything, but all worked out well, so far anyway. The bus does not run up this way so walking and hitchhiking became my main modes of transportation. I am living out of my backpack again. I found this job on an ad on dropzone.com. After speaking to Jay I bought a one-way ticket knowing my job started on the 13th of the month with no living accommodations. Where am I living then? The beach, bushes, government property, hiking trails, mountains, anywhere I can feel well rested for my long work days of non-stop tandem packing.

Hitchhiking Hawaii
Hitchhiking Hawaii – Doing a work trade opportunity in exchange for a place to live.

My feet ache, skin swelters a rosy red, but my spirit lives on as I hike each day and explore what the North Shore offers. And well, it offers everything! A luscious green mountainside thriving with a plethora shade of greens, a peaceful lulling ocean with more blues than the eye can see, and bliss at sunset as I leave my footprints behind to find a spot to camp. I love it here.
Ka’ena Point offered a breathtaking view of the island from a peninsula, the hike across from Camp Erdman offered a birds view of the coastline and the Dillingham Airport and Kealia Trail offered another perspective of the North Shore. I guess you’ll just need to fly out here to see for yourself. If you want mountains, if you want jungle, if you want snorkeling, skydiving, surfing, scuba diving, paragliding, kite boarding, parasailing, speed flying, the list goes on and on, and it’s here in Hawaii. It truly is a paradise of all realms here.

Hitchhiking Hawaii
Hitchhiking Hawaii – The great sunset on the beach near where I am living on Oahu.

Recently, while hitchhiking to the store I met a native Hawaiian woman who offered me a work trade opportunity in exchange for a place to camp for free on her property. Here I lay in a hammock with a beachfront view of the ocean as the breeze sways me with each crashing wave.

Hitchhiking Hawaii
Hitchhiking Hawaii – Hiking to Ka’ena Point

My time in Hawaii calls for another epic journey, which my wife will experience shortly when she arrives on October 3rd.

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