Drugs Thailand

Thailand Drugs

“This is another short excerpt from my experience in Thailand with drugs. I did not take them intentionally, but randomly met some people who gave me Kratom leaves on my walk down Route 4 towards Trang, Thailand.”

Thailand Drugs
Thailand Drugs – Kratom Leaves

I awoke early morning on a pedestrian overpass above Route 4 in between Phatthalung and Trang, Thailand. Creativity played an important role in solidifying rides since holding a thumb out, flying a sign and walking rarely sparked anyone’s attention, at least not enough to stop, and pick me up. I walked down the road reading the signs as they decreased in distance one kilometer at a time. 171 km, 170 km, 169 km to Krabi, Thailand as the sizzling sun baked me like a potato, dragging my feet against the blazing asphalt. Shade was hard to come by, but I started to reach little villages on the outskirts of the city. I trotted past an auto shop where a group of men between the ages of 20 and 50 gathered around sitting on the porch drinking coffee and eating breakfast. They called out to me in a happy manner saying, “SAWAIDEE, SAWAIDEE,” then I heard a subtle, “hello” mixed in the crowd and it caught my attention. Despite my strict deadline to meet Bond in Chong Phli Bungalows I stopped to stretch my legs and mingle with the Thai villagers. Instantly they greeted me with cupful after cupful of instant coffee and they all began to nibble on these bright green leaves. Some ate two or three leaves, others indulged in one leaf and they chuckled offering me to partake in the delicacy. The suspicious looks on their faces dissuaded me from initially accepting, but I gave in momentarily after a father drove his kids to school. I threw my thought of drugs out completely because everyone seemed lucid and coherent. I nibbled away at the leafy structure, tossing bits into my mouth, swallowing the bitter taste as the whisker-like hairs tingled against my tongue. I waited some minutes without much effect so I indulged in more despite the bitterness. They handed me four extra leaves for my walk and I believe I ate six to eight in one sitting. A half hour passed as everyone lounged in a semi circle sitting Indian style and the effects started to hit me, but I confused it for drinking too much caffeine and started back down Route 4 towards Krabi. Paranoia slowly kicked in as my tongue numbed and limbs wobbled back-and-forth like noodles (Thailand drugs were potent, more so than I wanted them to be for that specific time-frame).

Thailand Drugs Kratom
Thailand Drugs with some random dude off the street who gave me Kratom Leaves without me knowing.

I walked for less than a kilometer before stopping at Phudinsow Coffee Shop where I bought the cheapest bag of chips and used the free WiFi to talk to Bond about my whereabouts. Then the drug really smacked me straight in the face. I slouched in a lawn chair outside, my face greasy, covered in sweat; my pupils looked like little, tiny, needles as I tried to focus on my laptop slowly nodding off from the numb feeling overwhelming my body. Laziness emasculated me in this devilish trance. I tried to move, but this heroin-like coma trapped my soul to the chair for five hours as I nodded in and out of sleep. The cashiers glanced at me asleep in the chair and giggled behind the glass windowpanes. Bond knew I was fucked up as we messaged each other and wanted me to save him some leaves, but I tossed them in a furious rage. I felt mind-raped as the day was stolen out from under me. The effects finally died away enough for me to break free of the chair to walk a few kilometers before sun-down. I set out down the road. My disoriented state needed rest immediately and my whole body ached as I pushed the drug out of my system. I stumbled up the road dragging my feet in a struggle until an old Thai woman pulled me aside letting me rest under the bamboo rooftop of her outdoor food stand. We did not understand each other, but she empathized with my exhausted state. I tried to nap and when I awoke minutes later she handed me a bowl of beef rice with a side of quail eggs. Before I knew it a family of Thai children, aunts, uncles and other neighbors and family members surrounded me. None of them spoke English, but we tried our best to communicate through sign language. I swayed my index and middle finger back and forth like a pair of legs walking down the street and then rested both hands underneath my head and shut my eyes as if going to sleep. I found that they understood this, but took it too literally, offering me a place to sleep in the confines of their home.