Grand Canyon Hermits Rest Road

Xanterra Park & Resorts Seasonal Work

So you want to see the National Parks in the USA, but you cannot afford to visit all of them? Why not look into working for Delaware North or Xanterra Park & Resorts? Seasonal contracts are offered at most of the parks with a minimum of a 90-day contract along with many extras. I think most people look past this, but despite making minimum wage if you look at the overall profit margin of living where you work you can still save money for your next travels while you work and enjoy the National Park of your choice. At the moment I am working in Grand Canyon Village. What amenities does Xanterra provide its employees? Well, first off, most people complain about the living conditions and call Xanterra, Xanterrorist, but after working around the USA and living in some pretty shitty conditions I disagree with them. Although Victor Hall is not the classiest of places it’s definitely livable. I live in a small dorm setting with a community shower, among other community amenities such as a television, fridge, microwave and bathroom. Xanterra takes out 45 cents per hour worked for our housing arrangement which is next to nothing to live here and we get 50% off of the food in the Bright Angel E-Café along with Maswik Lodge. Aside from all the free day hiking available we can take buses to Desert View Tower, go on tours and even take the Grand Canyon Train from Grand Canyon Village to Williams for free. In the winter buses come by the shuttle stops every 15 minutes meandering around the blue route or the green route. We can venture to the General Store to buy ridiculous priced food and beverages, hit up the post office or maybe go to the library to check out free books. The Recreation Center is available to employees for a small $10.00/month fee to access computers and the weight room, however, most of the time I just go there to utilize the free WiFi. Free WiFi is available in the library, General Store and Recreation Center. I get a minimum of 30 hours per week and some weeks during busy season go above and beyond 40 hours. My job is extremely easy and the best part about working here is after my contract is up I can apply for a transfer to another resort or park, such as, Yellowstone or Glacier National Park. While I am here I plan on hiking as much of the trails as possible while saving up money for my next adventures. If you are an avid traveler looking for seasonal work I would highly recommend checking out this company. After taxes and expenses for food and living I project to save $2000 – $2500 for working here on my 90-day contract. So check out Xanterra or Delaware North. Do not let the negative stigma from employees sway your decision. Work is work and merely a means to provide food and money to travel.

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