Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Over the past month much of my life changed drastically compared to the past two years. I lived with Kelly and her mom for the better portion of September into mid October. I spent most of my days couped up reading or watching Netflix due to the intense desert temperatures locking me indoors. This killed me. The whole move to Phoenix took much adjustment, but at least we housed up in our apartment in Park Shadows a few days prior. Now I wait to hear back from potential employers. I might work for a mobile grilled cheese truck or the Grand Canyon. As I wait I continue to explore the roads around me. Goodyear is home to the Estrella Mountain Range so I took advantage of this on a cool Monday afternoon.

I raced against the clouds hoping to beat the rain (October is monsoon season in Arizona). After two years of dormancy in a shed in Fairplay, CO I picked up my sleek black road bicycle and hit the roads of Arizona. The flat desert off in the distance matched the roadways making my ride smooth, enjoyable and carefree. Surprisingly with over 3,000 miles my baby performed quite well as I coasted through the desolate roadways to Estrella Mountain Regional Park. Passing cottonfields, a few mobile homes with junk scattered sandy lawns and a steady flowing canal the Estrella Mountain Regional Park was within range, but the clouds screamed in even closer.  I gazed at the small brown peaks cascading through the valley and beyond their mountainous cast lie nothing but desert.  I tried finding a loop trail, but rushing against the weather I ended up hiking Coldwater Trail. A 2.9 mile trail that switchbacked to a loop if other trails were added into the mix.  The moderate climb through endless desert became a race against the clouds as a dark mass sprawled out above me. The occasional flicker of light shimmered and small sounds bellowed from above like a yawn spreading its contagion through the sky.  My road bike became an off-road rider. Pounding through the rocks, slipping in the sand and riding the brake down every winding turn and hill, I needed to make it back before the storm.

My triceps tingled from a lack of suspension and my fingers went numb but I kept riding this corvette as if dodging a snow storm in the dead of winter. I cruised through the last three miles of the hike seamlessly avoiding the storm. The 16-mile bike and hike to Estrella Mountain Regional Park ended with a red bull in hand and a nice warm shower.  Something I’m only familiarizing myself with now that I’m back in apartment living.

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