Tillman Village Inn
My beautiful girlfriend and I at the Tillman Village Inn in WNY.

It’s almost the end of July, and despite exploring most of WNY on my bicycle, I have not done much other than pack parachutes and skydive. This type of lifestyle lacks a consistent schedule. Some weeks I pack 80 tandems and barely sleep. Other weeks I sit inside sheltered from the stormy cumulonimbus clouds watching Playbox or Netflix on my phone with a backdrop of the gloomy sky peeking in through the hangar windows.  The Great Lakes affect the weather in Albion immensely and make it difficult to skydive, but I always find something to do if I can’t get my fix for the day jumping.

Cozy little Fair Haven Inn

Recently my boss and his wife made an impromptu trip to Europe for ten days. The slow work week that lied ahead felt like another June. Déjàvu of dragging on the days of rain and the small anticipation of working each weekend with a questionable forecast of low-ceiling clouds and rain.

Mr. Gazebo

But then something changed making the smile on my face even bigger than before. Fate brought me back to a special person in my life. A sweet, beautiful, spontaneously adventurous, woman with a vibrant smile whom I dated years ago ended up back in my life forever.

Kelly being her goofy self outside the Tillman’s Village Inn. She looks just as happy as I remember her 🙂

The three days she spent here in my arms made time stop and I felt immobilized. I found it hard to leave the bed cuddled up next to her gazing into her eyes. With all the time that passed everything picked back up right where we left off and my love for her immediately restored.  The Tillman Village Inn made for a great getaway with the love of my life. I love you Kelly and can’t wait to see you again.

Three of her drinks entered the National Bartending Competition in Las Vegas!

With all my adventures in the past five years I feel like this completed the last chapter of what I searched for by finding myself, my passions and with you to share it. Everything brought us back together and now I have someone to share all my stories and experience the views under the stars, the sunrises, sunsets and beauty of the world with my special someone beside me. Loving me for me with nothing other than unconditional love.

Cheap champagne to celebrate all the good times we will share together in our future
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