Albion NY

More urbex in Albion, NY. I’ll get a story going later on, but here are pictures from my recent exploration around the airport.

So basically I purchased a whip from Walmart for $125.00 like I stated before in my previous blog post and ended up taking her for a spin to Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. If you haven’t been there and are in the area I would recommend checking out Kanyoo Trail and Swallow Hollow. Yes, if you combine the names Kanyoo Swallow Hollow it sounds like a porno, but the scenery is pretty epic. There are an endangered species of warblers there among Canadian Geese, and snapping turtles. I actually ran into a snapping turtle on my way back from the park. Those guys may be slow, but if you tap them to see if they’re alive they move like lightning and go into ninja attack mode. Fucker almost bit the toe of my shoe.

Aside from that there are a few marshes to check out in the preservation area. I preferred Ringneck marsh out of all of them. It’s definitely a great spot to chill, relax and go fishing. You can walk around most of the marsh as well. The water is pristine dark blue and filled with fish.


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