WNY Urbex

Somewhere along the way I ended up back in Western New York for the summer. I did not want to come back, but due to mitigating circumstances and chaos on the west coast I found myself wandering back through the countryside.

WNY Urbex
WNY Urbex – exploring an abandoned barn near the drop zone.

At least I have a bed for a few months while I pack tandems and sport rigs at the Pinehill Airport. I’m hoping to pay off my loans this summer so I’ll officially have ten dollars in my pocket. But hey, I’ll be debt free!

WNY Urbex
Selfie at the top of an abandoned feed silo.

I got a jump in already and hit up the local Walmart to buy a Schwinn bicycle for $125 with taxes.  Hoping to take her to Letchworth State Park and the Erie Canalway Trail back to Delaware come September.

Until then it’s just working and wandering.  I rode 30+ miles today down random roads in the Town of Barre. I stumbled upon a rusty feed silo and dilapidated house. Of course I climbed the silo to see the view inside. Even the most skilled portrait artist could not scribble the expression of fear pronounced on my face.  I checked each metal ring as I scaled the silo by giving it a slight tug.  Everything held me perfectly as I looked down inside the hollow, cement cylinder.

WNY Urbex
WNY Urbex: Climbing an abandoned feed silo in WNY.

The house looked like an old home from the early 1900s. Most of it comprised of a mat foundation with stone walls.  The roof caved in in several places and rotten, sun-dried wood scattered across a porcelain tub next to a series of rusted gears. It looked like a creepy scene from a zombie apocalypse movie.


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