Cross Country Greyhound Journey Phoenix to North Dakota

I have been back in the USA for about two weeks now. I spent some time in Chandler and Tempe, Arizona. I must say the desert has its perks. Warm weather, cool nights, and hot women not to mention hangin’ with the boys made for some good times.  I reunited with my friend Jay for a few great nights of drinking and saw my boy James Wilson. He was an old high school friend who I had not seen in almost 8 years. It’s funny how everything picked right back up where it left off. Blacking out from beer pong and too much vodka, destroying pizza and doing it all again a night later for round two in downtown ASU.  What an epic time!

Chandler, Arizona
The porch from Jay’s apartment in Chandler, Arizona. What a beautiful sunset!

What followed destroyed me. A 47 hour bus ride to North Dakota on the Greyhound. I met some pretty crazy people as I always do on the dog, but damn two days of practically no sleep put me in zombie mode. The grease from my hair seeping into my eyes did not help matters, but I must say going cross country Greyhound was a great way to see some of America.

New Mexico Greyhound
A view of the canyons going through New Mexico on a cross-country Greyhound journey!

I stayed up for most of the 47 hours fading in and out of a restless slumber. I met a man who just got out of prison in Texas, the garbage preacher who ate out of the Greyhound trash and spoke about Jesus, and some other punk felons.  I always meet characters on the dog.  Despite my lack of communication on the ride due to my insomnia I did have the luxury of enjoying beautiful views while we cruised through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Minnesota until finally ending up in North Dakota.

Nowata, Oklahoma
Cross country greyhound through Nowata, Oklahoma. Look at the fields of green and trees that go on for miles!

The canyons and dust of the desert engulfed Arizona and New Mexico with gorgeous craters of red, yellow, and orange sprawled out across the land.  Oklahoma reminded me much of my hometown.  Green fields of grass and lime deciduous trees lined Oklahoma. A few eloquent churches lined the streets of Minnesota and the cities, especially Saint Cloud, looked pristine and as clean as Singapore.  Desolate corn fields and the darkest blue lakes scattered across the windy state of North Dakota. As for Kansas and Missouri I just saw a bunch of fields and the shimmering sunset over the Missouri River. Texas I slept through for most of the trip.  The Greyhound made me realize I still have much of the states to explore.

Cross country Greyhound Missouri
Going over the Missouri River and watching the beautiful sunset engulf Kansas City. The 47 hour cross country greyhound ride really isn’t too bad!