Hat Yai City Overlook
Overlooking the city of Hat Yai from the Big Buddha statue.

Hitchhiking Hat Yai

I woke up extra early to make sure I didn’t miss Sirikorn’s wake-up call. Hopped in a hot shower for the first time in months and waited patiently. I actually took some time to write the previous blog post since it’s been a while since I wrote on here about my day-to-day journeys. Anyway, I watched the clock tick away, thirty minutes, an hour, an hour and a half. By this point I assumed she left and didn’t want to bring me to Hat Yai. I threw on my pack and slipped my phone into my pocket. As I turned around I heard this cute little voice and saw a tiny tan faced figure in the shadows of the door. Her little one greeted me.

Satun, Thailand
The hotel Sirikorn paid for where I stayed in Satun, Thailand!

“Good morninggggg…Liiiion.” I smiled and chuckled. That became my nickname for our time together. I double checked the room for any of my belongings, she grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. Sirikorn apologized for being late, but I didn’t mind. No expectations!

She drove the three of us to her cousin’s house in Hat Yai. During the hour drive I barely heard a peep. Her daughter passed out in the back seat probably tuckered out from yesterday.

We pulled up to an empty house. My eyes shifted to her cousin, June, a beautiful, 25 year old, tall, slender, Thai woman, definitely a looker. She introduced me to her boyfriend and the lot of us munched on breakfast. A simple bowl of boiled rice and pork. Something I would make…nothing complicated or too delicious, but add some spices and sauce and it filled my stomach.

They just moved from another apartment in Hat Yai so the room lacked any furniture. A small 24″ tube television sat on a plastic table. We all ate in a circle on the floor.

June mentioned her sister was single. Honestly I would have taken her up on the offer if she looked and acted anything like June, but I want to keep traveling for now so I kept my mouth shut and just giggled.

Her boyfriend, Whit, drove us to the center of Hat Yai right near Prince of Songkla University. We made many pit stops. First, we stopped at the mall so June could buy some shirts for work. Then we waited at an attorney office while Sirikorn handed over documentation in Thai to “her friend…” Not too sure what that was about, but I just played with her daughter for the time being. She took a fancy to taking photographs of me and herself. She also enjoyed watching my videos and looking through the pictures on my phone.

The brief meeting ended shortly after it began. We hit the road again to grab some food, Betagro in Hat Yai, to be exact. I don’t know what I ate, but my tastes buds felt like they rode a roller coaster. One dish consisted of fried fish with spicy chili sauce. The other contained a salad full of crispy chicken nugget slices, lettuce, and apples laced with a sweet, white dressing. The rest of the table covered in spicy soups with pork and chicken legs. I ate my fair share of food after not eating much the day prior. They served the rice in mini terracotta flower pots (It reminded me of something my mother might do with her kitchen). They finished off the meal with ice cream. I declined, but appreciated the gesture.

Betagro Hat Yai
The terracotta pots filled with rice at the Betagro in Hat Yai while hitchhiking Hat Yai, Thailand!

By this point 3 PM rolled around. Whit took us to Dental Land for Sirikorn’s appointment. I thought maybe an hour and we’d be rollin’ on outta there, but jeez, 2.5 hours later and she finally walked out. I wasn’t complaining. After all I’m just along for the ride, whatever happens, happens. I could not figure out for the life of me what the dentist did, but I noticed her lack of smiling and figured she got a tooth pulled.

Prostitution Hat Yai
Haha…the prostitution flyers on the bathroom wall in Hat Yai

By this point I thought we might be headed home. Night dawned in as the sun washed away its colors and a light purple haze filled the sky above us. Whit drove us up a winding road and took us all to the Big Buddha where from atop this mountain we saw the city of Hat Yai booming beneath us. Bright city lights flickering showing a strong emphasis on the busiest parts of town as my eyes wandered down the highways. We basked in the beauty of the purple sky surrounding us as we chatted on the steps. I chased Sirikorn’s little one all over the place, but after awhile she tuckered me out and I began to feel sleepy.

Hat Yai City Overlook
Overlooking the city of Hat Yai from the Big Buddha statue. Hitchhiking Hat Yai shortly turned into Hitchhiking Satun

A breeze began to chill the hairs on my arm giving me goosebumps and the once purple sky faded to black. We hit the road for the central part of Hat Yai where we indulged in a Chinese Dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. The decor that lined the walls flaunted brightly gold colors engraved with Chinese dragons and warriors all surrounding a pond of coy fish. We originally sat down at a table near the pond, but the mosquitoes, relentless as they were, caused us to move to a comfier place. I don’t quite recall what we ate to be honest, but I remember it filling my tummy and watering my mouth for more.

The Chinese restaurant we ate at in Hat Yai!
The Chinese restaurant we ate at in Hat Yai!

After dinner we parted ways with June and Whit. I followed Sirikorn down the road, but we never turned on the street where we parked her vehicle, instead we continued walking into the Hat Yai Central Hotel. I assumed the night came to an end and she made reservations for the lot of us to stay in this hotel, but we walked past the front desk and up the steps to the second floor. I found myself taking off my trousers and putting on this weird maroon legging with a glory hole near my privates. I really had no idea what was going on at this point? Confused, I just followed along, unsure of whether I entered a whorehouse or a massage parlor. We both laid down on two mattresses sprawled out on the floor with pillows at the end of them. Then that’s when they went to work. Stepping on, pulling, rubbing, and executing maneuvers I never before felt in my life. To answer your question, “No, there was not a happy ending, it ended up being a full body Thai massage that Sirikorn treated me to!” After two hours of excruciating pain and pleasure I felt like a new man, limber and ready for the next day of travel to Langkawi Island.

Hat Yai Boutique Hotel
Our room at the Boutique Hotel

We walked back to the car and ended up crashing at the Boutique Hotel in Hat Yai. A hotel where I took the warmest shower I ever took on my whole entire tour through Southeast Asia.

The Boutique Hotel Hat Yai
The Boutique Hotel where I stayed with Sirikorn and her daughter my last night in Thailand!