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How to Apply for a China Visa

I finished my China visa back in September.  I filled it out and submitted the appropriate IDs, included my passport, invitation letter, proposed itinerary, and 2″ x 2″ picture using FedEx.

In total my visa cost $217 and my one-way ticket to Beijing was $268.

I used Visa Mail Service

I’d recommend them for getting a Chinese Visa.  Their service was great. I had my China visa back to me in about 10 to 14 days from when I sent it in.  I’d recommend filling everything out one month in advance before your plane ticket.  If you don’t have an invitation from someone in China then you won’t be able to get away with a one way ticket like I did.

The main thing to remember when filling out the forms are make sure you type everything in CAPS and if something doesn’t apply write N/A or “None.”

I’ll go over more specific details on filling out the visa form, which you can grab below:

Chinese Embassy Visa Forms for a China visa!

1.1 – First, Middle and Last name
1.2 – N/A
1.3 – N/A
1.4 – check the box for either “male” or “female”
1.5 – birthday in year, month, day format
1.6 – American or whatever your nationality is…
1.7 – former nationality or N/A
1.8 – place of birth (city, province/state, country)
1.9 – local ID means your Driver’s License #
1.10 – passport travel type is going to be “ordinary” unless otherwise specified
1.11 – your passport # goes here
1.12 – date passport was issued in year, month, day format
1.13 – place of issue is on your passport…for me it was “U.S. Dept. Of State”
1.14 – date your passport expires in year, month, day format
1.15 – for this field of boxes make sure you check the right box. I checked company employee…since I’m employed seasonally. It’s harder to get a visa if you’re “unemployed”
1.16 – I checked the “college” box
1.17 – fill out your employer’s information or your school information if your in college
1.18 – home address
1.19 – zip code
1.20 – mobile phone #
1.21 – email
1.22 – checked the box “single”
1.23 – even if you’re single like myself you need to fill out your parents and any siblings. Don’t leave this blank. You can also type this on an extra sheet of paper.
1.24 – emergency contact information
1.25 – where you are located when you’re applying for your visa…for me it was the USA
2.1 – checked the box for “tourism”
2.2 – I checked the box multiple entries valid for one year from the date of issue even though I’m expected to stay for sixty days…it’ll be easier if I want to go to the embassy and extend my visa.
2.3 – I checked no…express may cause problems and you need consular approval
2.4 – the date you’re expected to be in China.
2.5 – longest intended stay in China
2.6 – I typed my itinerary on a separate sheet of paper. I can provide a download here if necessary as an example.
2.7 – who is paying for your travel…I put my name and in parentheses (MYSELF)
2.8 – only fill this section out if you have an invited
2.9 – I put N/A since I’ve never had a Chinese Visa before
2.10 – I haven’t been to other countries in the last 12 months so I put N/A

(Note for the next ones please fill them out truthfully. If you have stayed past your visa in China, had a criminal record, have an infectious disease, etc. Let them know)

3.1 – No
3.2 – No
3.3 – No
3.4 – No
3.5 – No
3.6 – I filled out no for questions 3.1 – 3.5 so I don’t need to give details thus I put N/A. If you filled out “yes” then please elaborate here.
3.7 – I put N/A it might be different for you.
3.8 – I put N/A in all of these spots because this didn’t apply to me.

For 4.1 – 4.3 read them all and then sign and date the form.

For 5.1 – 5.5 I put N/A

That’s it.  One you fill everything out send it in the mail and wait. If your itinerary is two months or less I’d recommend just filling out single entry for your time in China.  Why do you ask? Multiple entry is way more expensive and unless you are in China for a long period of time and plan on going in and out of China you’ll just be wasting money.  Sit back, relax, and wait for your China visa to get approved. Be sure to follow directions correctly and again fill everything in CAPS and blanks which don’t apply to you fill out N/A! Good luck…that is how you Apply for a China Visa!


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