Century City
Look up!

Century City

I familiarized myself more with the city over the last few days. Other than the Big Buddha in Leshan along with Panda Sanctuary there is not much left to see aside from the Dujiangyan Irrigation System. I’m going to make an effort to see all of these, but I hate going to tourist attractions to be honest, so I am not sure what I’ll end up doing.

Century City
Look up at the abandoned skyscrapers popping up all over Century City in southern ChengDu.

I am looking to book a flight from Kunming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 400 Kwai and take the train from ChengDu to Kunming for about 250 Kwai. The train is about 16 hours and I think I need to take the metro from Nijiaqiao Station to North Railway Station and take the bullet train to Kunming. Once I’m in Kunming I’m not sure where the airport is located, so I’ll have to figure that out as well. I’m assuming the train station is fairly close to the airport. If not a lot of signs are in English so I should be able to find my way to the airport. I plan on leaving ChengDu for Kunming on January 3rd to make sure I make my flight on the 5th.


Anyway, I left the apartment late tonight after a long day of nothing. I took the metro to Century City and got off near the Global Center. I charged my phone completely and ended up using Strava to record my route so I could get back to the metro without getting lost. The metro stops running at midnight so I left myself a few hours of time to explore and get back to Eric’s.

Century City
This is the most active area in the 3-mile loop I walked. Every other street contained little pedestrians and vehicular traffic remained non-existent.

I walked around southern ChengDu, which despite being covered in skyscrapers is completely desolate. Tons of buildings under construction sit vacant with cranes propped 200 to 300 feet in the air. I walked for an hour in a loop checking out the security of the buildings, with cameras and guards at most entrances, this left room to sneak between the walls on the empty streets. I found a street that despite some vehicular traffic lacked any pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk. I walked on the grass, the trees making me incognito to the street eye, and looked through the fencing. I watched a guard standing watch at the front entrance of the building playing on his phone. I walked back about 300 feet away from the crack in the fence until I found an elevated brick platform about 2 feet off of the ground. I stood on this platform and from there I was able to see that security guarded only the entrances of the construction site. I am unsure if security cameras exist on-site, but from this platform I can jump and pull myself up over the barrier gaining access to the site. I want to either climb a crane or just get to the top of an empty building, without any CCTV surveillance, and look down over the city. All the bright lights shining up at me. It’d be a great experience. I am going back to Century City later in the night to enter the construction site. I need to map out the distance and take Eric’s bicycle. I think it might be a 10 mile trip there and 10 miles back, but I am not quite sure. This is just pure estimation. I will take the data off Strava to figure it all out. Until then enjoy the pictures I posted!

Century City
Look at all the empty, colorful, skyscrapers!
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