Abandoned ChengDu

I joined Jelte, Chris and Sarah today for a round of go-karts. The price we read online greatly differed from the price he quoted upon arrival. They charged by the lap. Sarah haggled down to 8 RMB per lap, which almost halved the price of 15 RMB per lap. I decided to watch as I didn’t want to spend that kind of money for go-karts. I’m saving the $1,457 USD I have left for Thailand since $1,200 USD of my budget is going towards my flight home, so I don’t want to go over my budget of $4,000 USD.

Abandoned ChengDu
Abandoned ChengDu – Inside of an abandoned burnt down building. Graffiti on the front said, “DO NOT ENTER” in Chinese.

I already spent $860 USD not including the $483 USD on my visa and plane ticket. Also keep in mind I still have much cash in my wallet that I have yet to spend and I did buy a laptop for about $200 USD, which put me under a bit. I needed a new laptop for writing and video editing so it was worth it. My old laptop is almost 8 years old and on it’s last life.

Anyway, they ended up doing 16 laps, which flew by quickly and since we already ventured out this way we decided to explore the area. We walked back down the path we came for the go-karts and noticed an abandoned building. In Chinese it said, “Do Not Enter,” but no one around really cares what you do as long as it’s not a violent crime.

Abandoned ChengDu Bar
Chinese graffiti on the walls of the abandoned ChengDu bar we explored.

We ended up walking through the building, which looked like it burnt down from all the charcoal covered walls and ceilings covered in black dust. In and out of the only room in a few seconds we decided to explore out back. As I turned the corner I nearly stepped in a pile of human shit. People just shit wherever in this country. It’s like a never ending camping trip. I’m always cautious when entering new areas now since I don’t want to step in feces. I braced myself, held my nose and continued walking into the back empty lot.

Abandoned ChengDu Bar
The filthy pool outside of the abandoned ChengDu bar. Somehow fish live in here?

People played badminton next to the abandoned ChengDu bar and an old Chinese man fished in what used to be a pool. Now just a contaminated algae tank with tires and other trash floating around. How fish got there I have no idea? The contamination made me question what lived in the dark green pond? Fish with three heads and multiple fins most likely. Anyway, my eyes locked onto the ChengDu abandoned bar. The building flaked from decay. The old, faded, red roof looked singed from the outside. As I walked inside Chinese graffiti defaced the one wall. I don’t know what it said, but I noticed graffiti in China consists of just the Chinese characters. They don’t really add 3 dimensional effects and it’s pretty legible. It defeats the purpose of graffiti in my opinion.

Abandoned ChengDu Bar
Jelte standing between two burnt timber columns.

I tiptoed through the entrance and entered a circular area with multiple timber columns supporting the rooftop. The center of the building looked like a doughnut. From the second floor I looked through the middle of the concrete down to the 1st level. I wonder if the kitchen sat there for all the customers to see? I walked in a circle looking at all the burnt columns and ceiling and noticed an intricate design through the center leading towards the rooftop. The concrete spread from the center like a flower, with openings shedding light from the rooftop, between each petal of concrete. I walked into the adjacent rooms to find shit overflowing from the broken toilets.

We walked out of the abandoned ChengDu bar and headed around the side lot. We found old man-made concrete mountains with entrances inside. I poked my head in to find a rectangular pool of murky water and abandoned paddle boats in the shape of duckies and other animals.

Abandoned ChengDu Bar
Lookup! The ceiling looks so trippy!

My guess is at one point this place attracted a lot of customers. Between the bar, outdoor pool and paddle boats, the variety shows interest and a strong business model. However, they probably never recovered from the fire that burnt her down due to lack of insurance.

It’s a shame all of this sits vacant to rot and decay and yes, I found a shack next to one of the buildings that looks like someone is living out of it. We continued on down the road until spotting a hotel designed like a crew ship. With nothing to do we ventured inside and took the elevator to the top floor to look at the view over the man-made lake. Looking out into the distance Chris spotted out the abandoned rooftop we trekked up to the one night out in town.

Abandoned ChengDu Boat Hotel
A boat hotel in ChengDu. The Shu Shu’s fish in the man-made lake.

I want to go back there one night and climb a crane.

We stayed on the hotel rooftop for a few minutes and then continued onward following the path around the rest of the park. Jelte stopped to play one of the carnival games. He shot balloons with a toy rifle and Sarah stopped the Ding Dong guy to get some candy. I walked around, my head on a swivel, taking in the culture around me. Everyone in China plays Mahjong, or the Landlord and drinks tea. This is an apparent theme in any part of China. It is so culturally different here it’s not even comparable to the USA, but at the same time, the carnivals and rides are the same in both countries.

The main difference that sticks out is when buildings become vacant in China they just sit and rot away. There is not security hired to keep you out. You might be walking down a path in a park and see an abandoned basement to the side of the path. Nothing is closed off and it’s dangerous. However, the abandoned buildings still exist all throughout town and unlike America, security is not paid to keep people out from vandalism, squatting or exploring. They just don’t care.

Abandoned ChengDu Playground
Abandoned ChengDu Playground


  1. I recovered some old comments that were lost years ago with the database. If anyone can confirm that this is the address to the abandoned bar in Chengdu then it would be appreciated.

    Guest: “I googled the boat hotel. It’s called 航帆假日酒店, the address is 成都市武侯区新园大道. It’s outside the 3rd ringroad.”