Playing Mahjong with Eric's father, Chris and Sarah.

I spent the whole day confined to a very small room learning the rules and strategy behind a Chinese game called Majang. I lost about 60 RMB in the process of learning since technically it’s gambling. Each game has a winner and a runner up. It’s kind of like rummy, but the difference being you must match your pieces in a row, a group of three and end with a pair. Each player picks 13 pieces, picks up and discards a piece each hand. There are three suits you can choose from bamboo, circles or the regular Chinese characters for numbers from 1 to 9. Each suit goes from 1 to 9 and the objective is to be the first person to get all of there pieces in groups of three and a pair or all pairs to win the game. So once you figure out, which suit you have the least of, you want to discard it. So if I decide I’m going to stick with Circles and Bamboo pieces, then I must discard any Chinese Character number piece and use strategy from the pieces discarded to figure out how to group and pair my pieces to win first. It’s pretty simple, but complicated to get well at and win.