Shengxian Lake

Shengxian Lake

So I bought a laptop the other day for about $160 USD. It has DDR 3 RAM – 4 GB, thinkpad technology, a decent graphics card so I’m able to edit videos in Vegas Pro 11, and about a 100 GB SATA HDD. I bought it second-hand at the computer district in the mall the other day with Chris and Sarah. Now I’ll be able to edit videos and photos on the road. It weighs a few pounds and is fairly portable for my travel needs. I need to get a better battery for about 100 Cuay, but other than that everything is working just fine. It has a 30-day warranty if anything happens to it in the 30 days I can take it back and get it fixed. Speakers work, WiFi works, headphones work and USB ports all work, the keypad is a little worn, but it still works as well.

A transformer outside of Computer City.
Architecture ChengDu
Amazing architecture outside of Computer City.

I hit up Shengxian Lake the other day. I took the metro all the way to the end of line 1 and ended up at the last stop in North ChengDu. It dropped me off in a nasty part of the city with a lot of trash, and squalor. All the buildings looked like they stood on their last supports. They nearly crumbled before my eyes as I scrutinized the dull, rustic walls. I walked around the path that circled the lake watching old people fish, shoot birds with their slingshots, walk, sell goods out of vending carts, ride bicycles or motorbikes or simply relax in chairs by the lake. The lake looked like at one point the glass slipper fit on its foot to complete its beauty, however, constant pollution from the neighboring city took away that glamour. Now the water stood their in filth, trash and other debris, decaying away like the other third world parts of China.

Shengxian Lake
Walking around the outside path of Shengxian Lake where I got bit by a little dog 🙁

I continued to walk up a man made path after circling the lake. At this point I made it back to the metro station, but wanted to continue exploring. I somehow ended up walking through backyards to homes and walked past an old Chinese man digging out a foundation. I walked up the brick pathway, up the hill, trying to avoid stepping on any plants, and saw an old woman using a hoe to mix the dirt. I tried to signal, which way should I walk down the path, but she muttered at me with each step. I think I accidentally destroyed some of her seeding, but who knew people planted vegetables in such contaminated soil and near filthy trash and houses. I headed back home by the metro to relax and watch some movies on the laptop.

I have used the last few days of my antibiotics and today is day 10. My last day on them, but I’m still taking it easy because I want to get over this sickness. I’m going to check out some abandoned buildings later with Chris at night-time. There is a whole abandoned city in ChengDu with buildings all under construction and a lot of cranes. Maybe I will climb a crane to see the view of China from above.