Grand Club
Grand Club

Wenshu Monastery

I woke up today feeling much better, but slept in until noon anyway to get more rest. My throat is still scratchy, but I can waft in the fresh air through both nostrils now and even eat meals other than fruit.  I ran out of antibiotics so I hitched along with Chris today to go pick up a present for his friend.

German Military
Chris looking like he’s in the German Military.

Bus 60 drove us to Wenshu where we roamed the streets and browsed the several shops. Brass knuckles, berets, old war coats, puffy fur jackets, nuclear warhead memorabilia and the old fur hats worn in Russian winters perched on the shelves of every store as we walked down the block.  Chris tried on an old German military hat. Silver, shiny bands outlined the bottom with a short black brim sticking out a bit over his forehead.  He looked like a Navy officer. 

Brass Knuckles
Trying on some brass knuckles at the local military store.

He also tried on a few coats avoiding the ones that smelled of musty dog breath.  The only one that didn’t smell looked of a boggy green color. He swam his arms through this trench coat with shiny gold buttons and white fur lining. It looked goofy as all hell.  I tried comprehending how these stores made money? Did people actually buy this Army and Police gear? We pondered the thought as we looked for a gift.

We entered another store, looking for the best hat, and cast our eyes on the perfect gift for his friend. A warm, furry dark, green, Russian, winter hat with a gold crest and red star on the front. In Russia they call them Ushanka’s.  For 80 kwai (RMB), he bought it, and they even included a nice little box. 

It felt great getting outside for a few hours today to just walk around and see more of the city and familiarize myself with the streets.

I didn’t push it too hard for fear of relapsing, but I’ll see how I feel tomorrow and base my next days off of today.

Chinese Missiles
Fake Chinese Missiles for sale at a military store.

Chris and I hit up the pharmacy and I pulled out the empty yellow container with “CEFIXIME CAPSULES” written on it. The woman at the counter helped me out in the matter of a minute.

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