Chinese Penicillin

Sick in China

So here I lay in bed, bones brittle and achy, tonsils touching my tongue, neck puffy like a blowfish, eyes half closed, nose clogged, and the list continues. Nothing like being sick in China.

Incapable of writing the past six days I used this time to rest.  I started off just gargling with salt water, but then with the help of Chris and Sarah, walked to the pharmacy to pick up antibiotics for my throat.

They spoke Chinese so I lucked out and grabbed penicillin and nose dripping pills (Penicillin is shown in the yellow box and the nose dripping pills are in the purple box below).

I’m starting to feel better and think I picked up a bacterial infection on the train ride since every little kid hacked up a lung in front of me.  Only part of my throat is inflamed, my ears hurt, and I all the other symptoms of mono linger, but I hope this goes away soon so I can continue on to Thailand and Laos.

I guess I’ll see how I’m feeling in a few days. It sucks sitting here watching the day come and go from the 22nd story of a skyscraper, but I’ll be ok.

Note of advice to any travelers out there check with your travelers insurance to make sure it works with the city you’re residing. Not all cities are covered. Many Chinese doctors or even global doctors make you pay in cash up front. It equates to like 150 USD and that’s just for a visit. If you need tests done and multiple visits the prices go up from there.

I might look into World Nomads travel insurance for my next trip, but as for now my bacterial infection is almost gone. I just need to continue to rest for a few more days and take the antibiotics for a total of 10 days to ensure this goes away.

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