Exploring Chicago
Just walking from the Greyhound to Chicago O'Hare International. The whole city is covered in business architecture.

Exploring Chicago

The next few days will feel like an eternity.  20 hour bus ride, followed by a day of sitting at the airport, then a 13 hour flight to Beijing and a 22 hour train ride to ChengDu.  I plan on resting as much as possible over the next few days to kill this sickness.

My bus arrived this morning at the Cumberland Avenue transfer station. I walked down the road about six miles looking at all the architecture.  Chicago is full of corporate buildings.  Mainly business corporations for high end firms dealing in all sorts of areas.  I found some restaurants, but fast food and other smaller buildings hid in the shadows of the big architecture.  I tried looking for abandoned buildings to explore with no luck. The urbex scene in Chicago is too elite and close-knit to find any information on building locations. So unless you live here and fly in that inner circle you can only hope to stumble upon these places.

Most the streets I walked down lacked shoulders and sidewalks. I spent most my time avoiding oncoming traffic and moseying through the brush off the side of the road.

I helped a woman push her stalled car off the highway despite the physical exertion factor. This made me realize how little people help each other out when in need.  Few people stopped to help.  A few white collars and myself grabbed onto the trunk of her white Honda and pushed it up the steep incline into a nearby parking spot for a tow truck to grab it.

I continued on down the road just wandering around getting closer to the airport. As I reached an inner road, security flashed their lights, and a police officer escorted me to the airport.  Apparently, walking is a form of terrorism near an airport?  Regardless, he gave me a free lift.  I’m here now waiting for Marien to get off work to hang out somewhere and continue exploring Chicago for the short time I’m here.

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