Colorado Mountain Express
Colorado Mountain Express - Homeward Bound to Delaware

Colorado Mountain Express (CME) – Denver to Philadelphia

So I slept in the airport terminal on the 24th of January after using the CME – Colorado Mountain Express – to shuttle me to Denver International Airport. I strolled in around 9 PM and set up camp on the floor of the terminal. I literally passed out on my GoLite Jam backpack for about 8 hours. Shocked when I woke up to my alarm at 4:30 AM and no one bothered me the whole night. Not even airport security. If I am ever in a jam I know where I can sleep for a night.

Denver Airport
Denver Airport Selfie

I met up with a lot of old friends over the past few days. I didn’t realize how many people wanted to see me. Thank you to all those who saw me on my visit back to Delaware. Thanks goes out to Neil, Trevor, Kelsey, Al, Big Denis, Maizy, The Todorow Family, Bob, Aunt Linda, Erick, Mom, Dad, Renie, Tyler, Cherisse and Jackie.  I enjoyed my time back and miss you guys.

Thanks for the beer guys and to the Todorow family for a great dinner. Good luck Kim with getting married and Maizy good luck with getting your license.

Look at Maizy. She’s so cute in the snow.

Thanks Big Denis for reaching out to your brother-in-law in Alaska. Hopefully I can land a job there on his boat after my adventures in Costa Rica this Spring.

If you end up using CME – Colorado Mountain Express make sure you have them pick you up at a terminal and not your house. If they stop at a terminal like Breck Station or Frisco Station your ticket is much cheaper than if they make a direct stop to your house. I think you save about $30 USD. Check them out at Colorado Mountain Express

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