Hit and Run

Alright, so I haven’t written a blog entry about my day in quite some time. Mainly because I’ve settled down in one spot and my days consist of skiing, tuning and drinking beer.  Yesterday made the list though. Such an eventful day. I woke up to James calling me at 7 AM. Got my ass out of bed, which normally takes a lot at that hour in the morning. I rolled over, threw on my ski gear, pulled my hat down over my head, wiggled my fingers into my gloves and caught the 8:13 AM bus towards Breckenridge Station. Jammed to some tunes with my skullcandy headphones and ended up strolling to Blue River Sports by about 8:30 AM. A huge rush of people stormed in around the same time as me so I decided to take out the Salomon Rocker 2’s again despite hating them the first time.  I grabbed the 177’s, set up my DIN to 9…dialed everything in and BAM…within a few minutes I sat there on the Mountain Wave locker room bench waiting for James to swing by the shop.

He rolled in late since he lost his keys.  I called it though. He ended up banging this chick at our work and started a series of bad decisions…but that is where the story begins for me…a series of bad decisions.

So we walked over to Peak 9 in our boots moving like robots.  As soon as we popped into our bindings we skiied over to Peak 7. The peak known for natural rollers. I strapped on the Go PRO Hero 3 and recorded insane footage of us launching off the rollers at 50 to 70 mph. We hit huge air for the next two hours, straightlining trails, and weaving in and out of the Sunday crowd of newbies.

11 AM rolled around and we moseyed back to Peak 9. I needed to get in touch with Michelle for tutoring at 12:30 PM and James wanted to grab a bite to eat at the local burger shop across from our work.

I ended up giving into the aroma of jalapeno ranch dressing, hot juicy burgers and crispy fries and devoured my lunch in the matter of a few minutes. James took his time while I finally got a hold of Michelle on my phone. We rescheduled pickup for turoing at my work since I hit the mountain early to shred with James.

12:20 PM rolled around and Brian picked me up and drove me back to his house to tutor his 16 year old daughter in Algebra II and his 15 year old son in Algebra. Man how I realized what I forgot over the years. Tutored them for two hours and hitched a ride back to work. Clocked in right before my 3 PM shift. Insane hat head, smelly clothes and a hangover could all be seen from my appearance. But hey, a pipe burst last night at my house and taking a shower or doing laundry just wasn’t possible.

I worked for five hours tuning skis and fitting customers into their boots and skis. The time flew by, but the night, still young, left for an interesting experience still on Boreas Pass Road.

I ended my shift after a relentless period of tuning returns for hours on end and headed towards city market to grab a DVD from Redbox.  I called Melanie and let her know I was on my way. While walking to the super market I saw a car pull out of Northside.  Lights off and slowly approaching the street. We made eye contact and he acknowledged I was there. I proceeded to walk on the sidewalk in front of his vehicle since traffic approached in the direction he was going. The guy pressed on his gas. I pushed off the left headlight and flew back a few feet while he sped off. I nearly got run over. My shoulders and back hurt from the jolt of the vehicle, but other than that I was in good shape for a hit and run.

I continued on to city market and picked up, “The Internship” for us to watch later. The story doesn’t end there though.

I caught the :05 bus for Boreas Pass. Jammed out to some tunes on my phone until reaching Wildflower apartments.

Knocked on her door and proceeded to indulge in cranberry vodkas. Then I heard a key flutter around inside the door.  The door opened and a half-dazed male walked in with a box in his left hand.

The chick on the right was the one I ended up dating for a few weeks until I found out she had a kid…

All of a sudden he busts out a load of cash on the counter and starts dishing out baggies with a small scale.  Then I see the white powder residue on the counter.  What do we have here? Cocaine!  Melanie looked at him in disgust and played the mom roll.  I just minded my own business.

She ended up getting into an altercation with the coke head and stole $150 from him.  Money his friend, who was her roommate, owed her for rent.

“Oh boy…wtf did I get myself into,” I thought?

Not even an hour later her phone blows up with threatening texts.  “Where’s my money?”. Arley, her roommate, and this chewbaca, Rastafarian looking thug roll up to her place demanding his money.  “Coke deal gone bad,” I thought…

Once again I didn’t know what I was in the middle of, but it wasn’t good.  I already got hit by a car earlier and now this.  The burly looking dude with dreads spoke in a raspy voice demanding his $150 back. Melanie demanded her $700 deposit to get out of the lease. Arley stood there and argued as he sniffled his nose.   Just listening to the chatter.  After several minutes of spitting words back and forth, yelling and hearing the inside of my ear drums pound. They finally came to an agreement. Arley and his thug paid Melanie her deposit back and in turn we moved her out that moment.

I stacked her clothes and accessories in the hallway as I called a taxi van service to come pick us up.

“Where to,” the driver on the other line said?

“My place…I guess.”

We ended up packing and unloading her belongings to my place on Farmers Corner. I didn’t pass out until 3:45 AM that night. What a long day and a series of random decision making.  She’s still here as she looks for a place to live.