Ski Technician

I finally started work at Blue River Sports this past Wednesday.  Everyone seems really cool.  I fitted a customer for a ski package, but other than that we have just started training for snowboard boot fitting, ski boot fitting, snowboard bindings for silver and gold packages, ski binding packages and next week we will learn more about tuning and waxing.  They also went over their packages, recreation, deluxe, performance, specialty for skiing and silver, gold and titanium for boarding.  There is a lot of material to remember since in the past few years inserts have changed the world of skiing and boarding and made everything more awesome for those on the mountain and more confusing for ski technicians.  After a little more practice I am sure I’ll be fine.  We also learned about the different types of boards and skis.  Wider boards are meant for people wearing at least an 11.5 snowboard boot.  Boards that are rockered are meant for beginnings and are more forgiving when falling.  Boards that are rockered in the center, cambered under foot and rockered at the tips are more intermediate/advanced boards.  There are a wide variety of boards in between meant for switch, half pipe, etc.  We also learned about the different types of skis.  Skis that are more narrow are easier to turn.  Skis that are wider are generally meant more for powder, but can be skied on groomed terrain.  Skis with twin tips are more of a terrain park ski meant for tricks.

I’ll go over more in this thread later when I look over my ski technician book.  This information is really just for any traveler interested in getting a job in the ski technician field.  You’ll have a one up on others that you are interviewing against for a ski technician job even if you have never done any of the physical work.  Just knowing about skis and snowboards will set you apart.


Aside from that I took the bus on a long epic journey to Silverthorne on Thursday for the Pre-Thanksgiving party at Tiffany’s house.  Chip and Rachel were there along with her son Eli, and a few other people I just met.  We ate a ton of turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, cookies, and indulged in a lot of beer.  I ended up staying pretty late and almost missed the bus back home.  We talked about punk music, drugs, Colorado and they introduced me to Left, Right, Center which is a game with 3 die that takes forever to win.  I wound up giving my chips away at the end because I just wanted to leave.

I might hit up the mountain Sunday with another ski technician, Ryan, to see how Breckenridge is for the first time this season.  He’s going to take me boarding next week on Wednesday while I demo a board from work.  That’s the great thing about being a ski technician.  Not only are the people you work with mad cool, but Blue River Sports pays for my pass, and they let ski technician’s demo boards and skis before the season gets busy.  All in all, the week couldn’t be any better.  I look forward to tutoring and working at Blue River Sports next week.

Thrift Store

Picked up some Billabong pants at the local thrift store down the street for ten bucks. That is the only other pair of clothes I own here beside sweatpants.