Abandoned Delaware Urbex
Roaming through Abandoned Delaware at night. It's hard to tell from this shitty camera, but we are on top of a water silo overlooking the city!

Urbex – Abandoned Delaware – NVF Plant

Alright, this one is a throw back from the summer of 2013 before all my friends moved; before I changed my lifestyle; before I did much of any traveling in my life.

Urbex NVF Plant
Just some pipe climbing at the NVF plant in abandoned Delaware!

Always fascinated with urban exploration (urbex) we set out a few nights to get into the old NVF Plant in Kennett, PA.  We thought guards worked there for security, but the only person who may have been there did not come out of his little shed.  Passed out inside on a bench with the light on made it fairly easy for us to walk by and into the facility.

If I recall this place used to be an old fibers plant back in 2006 or 2007 I think?  I am not too positive on the history.  I just know it’s the coolest abandoned building for urbex in the area.  We didn’t even get a chance to hit parts of it because of all the “Caution Asbestos” signs.  We didn’t have masks so we avoided those entries.  We ventured through two buildings.  Each with three stories not including the roof.  We walked around throw the buildings, dust, dirt, debris, random shit scattered everywhere.  The place, in the middle of a rich community out in the country, did not appear to have any squatters, but it would have been a cool place to hang out for a bit.

Abandoned Delaware Urbex
Trev and I urban exploring!

We managed to get up on a few of the roofs and walked around.  Tons of brush grew below on the ground floor making it hard to get from place to place.  We found a watch out room where the electrical panels used to be intact.  The paper on the desk from 2007 and all other kinds of shit scattered everywhere.

Abandoned Delaware Urbex
Weird iron that has formed on the inside of this piping while inside this empty water silo!

We ended up climbing an abandoned water tower and crawled down inside of it with the ladder there.  You could see all over town from up there.  I would say the tower stood about 150 feet in the air and easily the highest point in town.  I wish I had a better camera to get some night photography.  The view up there was awesome.  We ended up climbing down the side of the tower and I swung my way across a pipe.  We spent about two hours exploring and didn’t even cover the other building.  Everyone moved out of state so I never got a chance to go back there.  If I’m ever on the East Coast I’ll be sure to hit this place up.  Definitely some awesome times.  This ended up being my coolest urbex adventure of the summer.  Across from the plant there are a few other abandoned buildings, an abandoned school and some other industrial plant.  We didn’t get a chance to urbex them, but maybe one of you all will get the luxury of checking them out.

Urbex – Abandoned Delaware – NVF Plant Chemical Plant

Abandoned Delaware Urbex
Nothing like some urban climbing at the NVF Plant in abandoned Delaware. We climbed this to get access to the inside of a silo.

Abandoned Colorado Urbex

Colorado Urbex
Down the road in Colorado!
Colorado Urbex
An outside view of the abandoned home on Tiger Road!

So why did I post this if it’s from the summer of 2013? Well, today I planned on cycling down Tiger Road towards abandoned buildings. Despite being in a short sleeve tee, and basketball shorts, snow still covered most of the roadways as I climbed up the hill. I cycled about six to eight miles and wound up hiking through parts of the woods to see if I could spot anything worth climbing or exploring. Nothing around at all to my surprise. I ventured back down the road and remembered a few houses under renovation. The one looked old on the outside with a distinguishable, cabin and red-barn look on the faces of the house. I parked my bike on the roadway and decided to indulge in my first urbex adventure in Colorado. Much to my surprise nothing exciting existed in the building. It looked like the contractors rebuilt the home from the inside out. Ladders, tools, and all other kinds of junk scattered throughout the house. I spotted a pair of running sneakers near the one stairwell and decided to steer clear of that portion of the home. I did not want to invade on someone’s squat or end up fighting a homebum when I was not supposed to be in that vicinity anyway. The urbex, short-lived, but still better than staying cooped up inside all day. My next urbex adventure will be around a mining town…that’s where the true urbex exists in Colorado.

Colorado Urbex
Tiger Run Road – Abandoned Building – Urbex
Colorado Urbex
Closeup of the fireplace…this place is coming along!
Colorado Urbex
Tiger Run Road – Abandoned Building – Colorado Urbex


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