Backcountry Brewery

So Travis heard of free blue grass night at this bar downtown in Frisco. He wanted to catch up with some people back at his old job at Backcountry Brewery so we swung by there first. Jeff hooked us up with free beer the night, which was awesome. I had about three or four pale ales and watched some videos of them on Facebook climbing in Moab, Utah. That place looks sick, especially the rope swing they set up. Just plain ridiculous.

We ended up getting tipsy and talking to this guy named Chip, full sleeves, 12-inch beard, biker dude who wanted to live off the grid. Travis left the conversation at some point. I lost him for an hour or so, but I talked to Chip about how I got to Colorado and my plan for the future. He thought I settled on the right approach. Traveling, even with no plan, is better than living with no purpose at a 9 to 5 job. His dream, now that his kids grew up, to move to Santa Fe or some part of New Mexico, off the grid, and live in a self-sufficient home. We talked about Into the Wild and Chris McCandless’ real reason for dying out in Fairbanks on Bus 142. He suggested I look into the books “Unbroken” and “One Man’s Wilderness.” If he sees me there again he said he’d give them to me for free. He thinks I would highly enjoy them. It pretty much talks about living off the grid, traveling and being your own person.

It got close to 11 and we decided to head out to catch the Blue Grass show downtown. We rushed out the door and I ended up leaving my hat and gloves there by the fireplace. I turned around to grab them, but by this time of night the glass doors locked and no workers left cleaning up for me to grab my cold gear.

I walked back to the other bar and met up with Travis. I decided to call them in the morning to see if my belongings still sat next to the fireplace. We jammed out to Blue Grass, which I’m not used to being from Delaware. The music actually sounded fairly decent. I bought Travis and I a PBR. It was the least I could do with all these free drinks he got me at the Backcountry Brewery. We ended up smoking a joint with some other dudes from Colorado. This one guy Kevin was waiting on his medical card. I spoke to him a little and told him about my story of how I ended up in Colorado. Before I knew it I was getting free pizza as a departure gift for the bus ride home, which was perfect. I gave Travis a piece since I knew the munchies affected him probably just as bad as they did me at that moment.

Travis, a rock climber originally from Michigan, moved to Colorado last January living out of his car in -18 degree weather on the north side of town until he found a place with our landlords, Tim and Kate. Travis graduated from college with a degree in Materials Science Engineering. He, much like myself, has no plans on using his degree until he wants to settle down, have a family and buy a house, which I completely understand. There is no point making all that money, enduring all that stress, when you can’t even enjoy the money stacking up in your bank account.

We ended up coming home at 1:30 AM. I made us a few PBJ sandwiches and we ended up crashing in our beds. That night I realized a mouse lived in my room. I heard his footsteps piddle, paddle across the floor and into the walls. I didn’t mind other than his noisy motions kept me up most the night, which is why I slept in so late today. All in all, a great night. I got wasted for the first time since I hitchhiked back from A-Basin with Will, and Kristen.