Boreas Pass

I left around noon headed for Baker’s Tower cycling over Boreas Pass Road.  Kate mentioned a hike near the tower if I had the time to do so.  I cycled a total trip was about 30 to 40 miles total.

I ended up using Strava and my GPS to guide me as I cycled up the roadway.  I took the bike rec trail from Farmers Corner through Breckenridge down Main street and followed Highland Terrace, which is a dead-end street.

Water Tower Climbing Boreas Pass Road
I propped my bike up under the ladder to climb up on the seat and leap for the fencing!

My GPS sent me through part of a hiking trail, which I ended up pushing my bicycle up a hill for about two tenths of a mile until turning left on a neighborhood roadway.  Although, a shorter distance than Kate’s recommended route, the road grade being 6% made the climb extremely tiring and long.  I would think with all the technology, elevation grade, would be calculated into distance traveled especially cycling on a bicycle.  I would rather cycle two more miles on a gradual pitch than a 6% grade for half a mile or so.  It’s just not worth the wear and tear on my joints, knees and legs.

I made it up the hill and from there on a steady climb continued as I cycled up Boreas Pass Road for the rest of the trip.  I really needed a mountain bike for this trail since it switched to a one-way dirt road mixed with snow and mud.  I continued to trek up the mountain stopping above the dam, which partly frozen, reflected a luminous blue up through the mountains.  I could see pieces of ice in the water below and in the distance nothing but mountains covered in white near the peaks.  Clouds forming their own weather system around them.  The view, breathtaking, made me bask in the beauty of the outdoors.

After breaking for a half hour I continued cycling up the mountain, my tires making a “squish” sound with the mud underneath them, as I pedaled up the gradual grade.  Mud flung up covering my rear rack and the lower portions of my bike, but my slow pace made it impossible to get completely covered, at least not yet.

Baker's Tower Boreas Pass Road
This is Baker’s Tower on Boreas Pass Road!

I stopped at a tower that I thought might be Bakers Tower, but later found out it was just another water tower, this one for Boreas residents.  The ladder locked with a gate and fence continued over the ladder for ten feet or so off the ground.  I perched my bicycle underneath the ladder and balanced myself on the seat.  This gave me the proper leverage to leap for the ladder.  I jumped and grabbed on the fencing and gate door pulling myself up until my feet planted on the locked gate door.  Climbing the ten foot did not faze me.  I just planted my feet and found hand holds until hopping over into the ladder shaft.  I grabbed some cool pictures of the mountains from above and scurried down after seeing a few vehicles go by me.

Water Tower Climbing Boreas Pass Road
The steep climb up Boreas Pass Road tired my legs, but the incredible views made it worth it!
Water Tower Climbing Boreas Pass Road
A long trek up the road! This is meant for a mountain bike, but I went road bike status!

Baker’s Tower – Cycling Over Boreas Pass Road – Boreas, Colorado

Water Tower Climbing Boreas Pass Road
Boreas Pass Road does not loop around so I needed to go back the way I came, which luckily was all downhill!

Bakers Tower, even more of a challenging climb, sat perched by the dirt road near the trail-head of a hiking trail.  I did not climb this one as too many people drove by and I risked getting caught.  I just remembered the place for a later date.  I continued cycling for four or five miles past the tower until turning around.  Boreas Pass Road does not loop back around like I originally thought.  The rest of the 15 mile ride, all downhill, got me completely covered in mud.  My pack turned shades of brown and red from the muddy clay squirting up beneath me.  My shoes crusted over with a film of dried mud and my socks became cold and wet from all the debris flinging up as I descended down the mountain.

Water Tower Climbing Boreas Pass Road
The view of Breckenridge Mountain from the very beginning of the trail head right before climbing the water tower!

I ended up cycling 30 miles for the day and I stopped at Godspeed Tattoo to schedule an appointment for a chest piece which I might get done today.  It will join my trip here from Delaware via bicycle and depict skiing, hiking, hitch hiking, cycling and Anarchy…the nomad’s lifestyle.  I’ll post pictures here later.