Figured I would update this since I’ve been in town for a few weeks now. I met up with a guy from Florida who used to wakeboard on the pro tour.  He was originally from Oklahoma with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He moved to Colorado in December to board for the winter.  I met him through Craigslist, which normally would be weird, but hey, it’s Colorado and everyone here is pretty chill and from all over the country.

Colorado Craigslist Worked Out!

Loveland Pass Panorama
Loveland Pass Panorama!

His name is Kelton. We are going to hit the slopes this weekend.  Most likely get some skiing in on A Basin.

I also met an older gentleman a few days back named Chris Galla who took time off work to go on vacation and ski for a few months.  Intrigued by my story he offered to give me a ride to Denver if I ever wanted to head back that way between now and April.

Aside from that my landlords and I visited Loveland Pass over the weekend.  They did back-country skiing while I hiked a few miles and took in the beautiful scenery.

I’ve been helping them with concrete work outside of their home to take some money off my rent each month.  They are building a connection from the garage to the main house and installing a new front door.  It’s interesting because a lot of the work I’m doing is related to my field in Geotechnical Engineering.  Instead of inspections I’m actually doing the construction portion of the work.

They also lent me skis and boots so I can hitch a ride to A Basin tomorrow and get in my first day of many powder skiing days that lie ahead in my future.

I’m in the process of getting my Colorado license and trying to meet new people in the area.  My ski pass should be here shortly and my job starts in the beginning of November.

I stopped by the grocery store today and chatted with one of the store cashier’s.  I asked her great places to meet people and where the bar scene was in the area.  She told me she goes to Ullr’s Sports Bar on Main Street on the other side of town.  There are also some clubs in the area that aren’t too bad.  Hopefully, I bump into her again. Her name was Heather and she was drop-dead gorgeous.

Other than that I’ve just been chilling and hanging out waiting for work to start. A few inches of snow fell today so there should be some powder on the slopes tomorrow.  Can’t wait!

Also, I have written 31 pages to my book, which I have decided on a title: Jungle’s Journey. I hit over 11,000 words, which brings the story up to Day 8 of the trip. The book covers the idea behind the bike trip, the inspiration, the people I met, some of our conversations in a nut shell, their stories, the places I slept, and basically the adventure as a whole. It’s uncensored and I tried to make it as realistic as possible to make the reader feel like they were there experiencing it first-hand.

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