Hitchhiking Pueblo
The Rockies are looking pretty flat now.


I woke up in Eads city park around 7 AM from the loud windy gusts.  I put on all my cold gear as my legs and arms shivered from the chilly breeze.  I left around 9 AM after patching my tire and fixing my front rim with an extra layer of electrical tape.  Just as I grabbed my phone to leave the city park sprinklers popped out of the ground and sprayed me, and my bicycle.  I moved towards the road to escape the cold water.

“What the fuck,” I thought.  I take it most people don’t stay at the campgrounds…

I continued on down the road towards Sheridan Lake and a miracle happened.  The wind shifted direction, and yes, that’s right folks, tailwinds or no winds the rest of the day!

Hitchin Pueblo
Hitched a ride with Trevor through Pueblo to Denver…

When I hit Sheridan Lake I stopped at a general store and chatted with some of the store clerks.  I just missed Josh who left about an hour ago.  I hung out for a while telling my story and munching on some candy, a sandwich and other junk food.  After an hour I continued on for Sugar City, which was a 40 mile trek through Colorado with minimal services.

I still saw tons of flat land consisting of fields of green grass areas, half sandy desert-like terrain with yellow wild flowers, prickly plants, and the occasional oasis.  The gradual climb in elevation meant the Rockies must be in the distance.

I continued on stopping once to fix another flat tire from a goat-head.  At that moment I decided to ride in the road switching direction over the center-line when cars whizzed by to avoid the horrible shoulders on Route 96.

I made great time.  I maintained a 15 mph pace and once I made it to Sugar City I gave Trevor a buzz since I missed his voicemail earlier in the day.  He interviewed in Denver for a nursing position and filled out job applications the past few days.  He left for Boone City where I projected I would be in a few hours.

Denver Freeclimbing
Hopped a random fence and started free climbing a mountain.

The views on the way simply spectacular.  As I entered Olney Springs I finally started to see the start of the Rocky Mountains.  I love Colorado.  I wish we met up in Pueblo so I could continue riding, but limited time made this the most reasonable decision.

I pedaled as fast as my legs allowed me and ended up going 87.5 miles in a little over 5 hours with a pace of 16.4 mph.  He picked me up near Boone and I de-rigged my bike and set all my gear in the trunk and back seat of his rental car.

I drove for the first time in over 50 days. I don’t miss it at all.  We drove to Denver and hiked up a random cliff near a Harley dealership.  We got ten feet up and turned back due to the sun setting and the fact we did not have the proper gear for the climb.  Minimalist shoes are not designed to climb rock nor do they have the traction to hike, but we tried anyway.

I ran back to the vehicle while Trevor hobbled, due to his fall off the cliff. We drove around the city for a bit and grabbed some food at a local tavern in the city.

I ordered a bbq sandwich wrap with spicy mashed potatoes.  The crispy chicken, sweet coleslaw, fresh corn, and tangy bbq sauce mixed into a wrap with the spicy creamy potatoes and steamed mushrooms made for a scrumptious dinner.  I wished for a bigger portion of food, but most places cannot handle the amount I can eat, which is why I normally stick to buffets.

My rest day tomorrow will consist of a 12 mile hike through, “Hells Hole.” Hopefully I get more GoPRO footage for the end-of-trip video.