I woke up to the wind lightly blowing and the sun rising above the city.  I laid out my sleeping bag to dry, ate breakfast and prepped my gear for the 60 mile day to Eads, Colorado.  I wound up missing Josh since I left around 8:30 AM and could not remember at what motel he stayed.

I pedaled down the road.  A smile across my face because I knew Colorado lay just around the bends and turns to the curvy roads ahead of me.  When I arrived in Colorado I stopped at a pizza shack in Sheridan Lake and grabbed some candy, a twelve inch sub and an iced tea.  The peanut butter sandwiches just aren’t cutting it anymore so I mixed it up.

I headed out around 1 PM stopping at an abandoned church in Chivington.  I felt nauseous and on the brink of heat exhaustion.  So I found a basement to relax in for an hour while I regained my strength and wits.  I loaded up on water and ate the rest of my trail mix.

Eads was not too far from my current location.  I decided to continue on down the road stopping for a brief flat tire repair, which ended up in a fire ant frenzy.  I think I accidentally stepped on their home during the repair.  I must have flung and kicked over 50 of them off my leg.  Luckily I only got stung a few times.

I made it to Eads and stopped at the general store grabbing some donuts and other unhealthy snacks along with Powerades to refuel my electrolytes lost during the ride.  I still did not know Josh’s plan, but figured we might meet up later in the day.

Bicycle Touring Eads
Good ole rollin’ countryside

I hung out at the city park and ended up sleeping there by a tree. Waking up to the huge 20 mph gusts of wind in the low 50’s.  “Not again,” was the first thought crossing my mind.