Dighton Kansas

I woke up from a great nights rest. I thanked Elaine and Dam for letting us stay at their place and have dinner with them.  I signed their guest book and prepped my bike for a big day.  I replaced my tire in a few minutes and looked back to find Josh freaking out.  His back tire popped, but his nervous gestures stemmed from his extremely bald back tire.  We swapped the back with the front doing a tire rotation and put in a new tube, but nothing looked right.  Our early start ended up being a very late one.  We did not leave for Ness City until after 10 AM.

Feed Silo - Kansas
Feed Silo – Kansas

The twelve mile bike did not phase us though despite the extreme winds.  We arrived in Ness City where I bought Sardines, a redbull and some Doritos at Route 66. I bumped into an older gentleman named Lee who gave me a gold dollar, which I lost layer in the day.  He kept saying how he loved cyclists and mentioned Josh rode off to Bumper 2 Bumper for some extra tubes, but he’d be back.

Feed Silo - Kansas
More pics from the feed silo outside Ness City!

I waited for a half hour and decided to head over when he didn’t return.  To my surprise, the owner, Charlie, did not have spare tubes and told Josh he would not make it to the next bike shop on his tire.  The threads showed and you could almost see the tube.  The nearest shop was sixty miles away.  I needed tubes as well, but not a tire.  Charlie offered to hitch him a ride and I decided to go on hope and head to Dighton, Kansas.

Feed Silo - Kansas
Nothing but nothing for miles…

Ten miles in I saw a feed silo I yearned to climb, but I witnessed a vehicle and workers on site.  I decided to stop anyway and asked if I could eat food in the shade.  Tommy told me I could chill in the office and help myself to sodas and candy.  I hung out there for a little and him and Serg offered me a few beers.  We drank a bit and before I knew it I got an invitation to see Western Kansas from the top of the wheat, corn and Milo feed silos.  I asked Tommy what there was to do in the area.

Ness City Bank
An old bank in Ness City, Kansas

“Drink beer and fuck bitches…other than that work your ass off.” I laughed.  Sounds like the same thing back home.  We walked over to the silo and he gave me a tour of the whole area.  He opened the metal doors and we walked through the crawlspace like area until we reached the tiny elevator.  He pushed open the door and we both crammed in there. This took us up 160 feet to the top of the silos where he showed me all the valves that distribute the different feed.  We walked out to the roof and looked over the railing.  Nothing but fields of green grass, bright red Milo, brown dirt and railroad tracks for miles.  It seemed endless, but for the first time that day, despite the wind, the flat tire, frustration, my mind at peace and the scenery just spectacular.  I took a load of videos and pictures.  I gave Serg my instagram information and took a picture of the crew before heading to Dighton.

I am here now waiting to hear back from Josh of his whereabouts and scoping out my next climbing obstacle: The Dighton Water Tower.

Feed Silo Workers
Some feed silo workers who hooked me up with some beers.