Newton Bike Shop
Newton Bike Shop in Newton, Kansas

Newton, Kansas

I woke up today under Highway 54.  The condensation between my sleeping bag and bivy sack sent chills down my spine. I packed my gear and headed down the road around 7 AM.

I headed to Rosalia relatively quickly covering 30 miles in a few hours since the wind died down from yesterday.

Right before heading to Newton I stopped at Prairie Crafts and dropped off my book, “Kite Runner.” I charged some of my electronics and headed down the road to the Old Country Store where I grabbed a red bull and indulged in their lunch buffet. The lunch buffet consisted of insane quantities of all-you-can-eat pizza. I ate two pizza pies of supreme and jalapeno and took a slice for the road. I asked the locals if anything in the area was worth seeing. They mentioned Teeter Rock, but no one could give me directions so I continued on to Newton.

The ride to Newton stretched 38 miles with no services. I grabbed water at a local church before heading out for the long trek. The scenery variable throughout the whole ride. Fields of green interlaced with red and brown blades of grass. The ocassional tree popping up ever so often with a lake mixed in the landscapes. Kansas beautiful in its own way. I reached Newton and used Google Maps to find Newton Bike Shop. Ryan and Jason recommended it to me a few days ago.

When I arrived at the shop they treated me like a member of their family. I charged my electronics, drank coffee, used the restroom, packed up some gear to head to their home where we ate dinner and washed our clothes. I also took a hot, toasty shower, the first one in weeks.

We talked to James, the owner, who used to work with record labels as a producer. He helped out bands such as, Limp Bizkit, Cold, Tool, Two Chainz, etc. The guy loved cycling and helped us out in anyway. He received royalties from these bands for his services. He cycled all over the United States hoboing from place to place, working on farms and in stables catching mustangs and other wild horses.

I ended the night pounding down some beers and met Josh whom is also going westbound. Our plan is to hit a hundred miles tomorrow. Wish us luck!