The Vid
The Vid in Bloomington, Indiana with Noah and his roommate!

Changin’ Tubes for Vincennes

I woke up at 9 AM to Susan opening the door to her old home on Howe Street.  My head ached and the top of my mouth beyond parched.  I downed a few bottles of water to help with my hangover. I actually didn’t plan on drinking last night, but the neighbors, Isaac and Noah, asked if I wanted to hit up some local bars before I left.  We walked to Atlas where I tried a gumball beer.  I never drank a beer quite like that before.  A sweet, wheat ale brewed locally in Indiana.  The bar scene was what you’d expect for a Sunday night. Dead in the water.

Right outside of Bloomfield!

We finished off the pitcher and headed to “The Vid” to shoot some pool.  Another group of people in the back of the bar joined us. We had a few shots, a pitcher of Pabst blue ribbon and some pepperoni filled bread sticks with gooey cheese.  I barely remember staying that long, but we ended up meeting a nice bunch of people.  The attractive 28 year old girl we ended up meeting walked back with us most of the way and grabbed a cab to the other side of town.  I rolled in and crashed around 4 AM.  So I did not get much sleep last night and it definitely showed riding today.

I rode for a total of 35 miles and ended up in Bloomfield by a Church.  I picked up the right amount of tubes this morning at Bikesmiths for today’s journey. I popped two tubes on US-45, my front and back tire, and the third one I bought was punctured so it was unusable.

Road Closed Indiana
Road Closed Sign – But this didn’t stop me 🙂

My GPS ended up taking me through a development in the countryside under construction.  Quite a few lots posted for sale with a huge amount of acreage and every single one a lake attached to the property.  The beautiful views took away my frustration from changing tubes all day.  However, I stumbled across a gravel road, and that was the only way to get to where I was headed.  I walked for a mile down the road until I met Gerald Rice off of Coal Mine Road.  He gave me directions to Vincennes, and invited me in his home to refill my hydration pack.  I also received two Gatorades for the road.  They wished me luck on my journey.  I headed down the road and thought I may be stuck again due to the road closed sign in the distance.  I decided to give it a whirl and ended up being able to cross the construction area on my bicycle.  I pedaled a mile down the road, which is where I sit now on the ground waiting for the sun to set.

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