Beer Indiana
Drinking beer from the micro brewery down the street :)

Hungover on Helios

Bloomington, IN

I decided to stay on Howe Street in Bloomington for another day partly due to a hangover. However, I spent most of the day tuning up my bike.  I replaced the brakes; I changed out the back tire with a new one; I fixed the rear rack since it was missing a screw; I fixed the front basket and added the cable so it doesn’t interfere with my brakes and I added a water bottle holder for my gasoline.  Everything looks much better than before and I bought a few extra screws at Bikesmiths just in case the rear rack gets loose again.

Fixing a flat
Fixing a flat at Susan’s house on Howe Street!

I also picked up some food at Bloomington Foods.  I have decided I need to be a bit more frugal since I may have an opportunity to go to South America on New Years, which means no more cool gadgets, beer and unnecessary items. I think I’m going to stick to water, peanut butter and bread for as long as I can so I have enough left over for this trip.

Replacing Brakes
Replacing the brakes and doing a tune up on her!

My next stop tomorrow is one step closer to Murphysboro, Illinois.  I am going to stop at MHC Parkview, Inc., which is located southwest of Bloomington.  It will be a 70+ mile day.  I have to check WarmShowers to see if I have a lawn to sleep on in Murphysboro.  Aside from that everything has been going well. My budget isn’t all too bad if you leave out the tattoo and GoPRO. I really think the GoPRO will be an awesome addition to the trip.  The video at the end is going to be bad ass and it will be something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Final Product
She looks nice, ready to go for tomorrow!

I forgot to mention I made friends with the neighbors last night, Isaac and Noah. They both graduated from Bloomington University with telecommunications degrees. Noah works for AT&T and Isaac works as a cook at a local restaurant. Trevor swung by last night around 1 AM from Cincinnati. We hit up Atlas and another local bar. Drank a few brews, talked and I wound up passing out at 3 AM. I am going to chill with the neighbors later tonight once I eat and shower. I’m looking to head out tomorrow by 9 AM and grab a few more tubes for my bike before I do so. Bloomington rocks!

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