The Open Road Indiana
Open fields of nothing :(

A Key to Howe Street

Bloomington, IN

Each day gets more interesting almost to the point where I cannot even explain how or why it’s happening.

An overlook outside of Indianapolis

I woke up around 9 AM and cleaned up after myself before I left Trevor’s place. I headed out down Canal Trail and biked with a family who suggested I continue on until White River Trail connected.  The small creeks next to the trails made it more scenic than the roads I would have taken so I enjoyed those few miles and tested out my goPRO.

The next 50 to 60 miles bored me. I barely saw any exciting scenery until I biked near Monroe Campground, but the area consisted of corn field after corn field.  However, I stumbled across Musgrave Orchard where I indulged in sweet apple cider and great conversation.  I met Brett and Susan Morse who directed me towards a better campground.  That being Yellowwood State Forest. I also met a burly, red bearded gentleman and an older woman who worked at the orchard.  Both of which directed me to great places I should visit out west.  They told me to visit Buena Vista if I got the chance and test my white water rafting skills.  He lived out that way for ten years out of his van, working as a guide among other odd jobs.  He told me if possible get a job in Colorado. It’s the best recreational place in the United States.  As we continued to talk, Brett and Susan decided to give me a key to their old home they are in the process of selling.  It is located right on Bloomington Campus about 12 miles from my current location at Musgrave Orchard. I thanked them dearly.

More Nothing
More corn fields and open green plains…ugh…so boring

As I was leaving the older woman who worked at the orchard and Gene began to talk to me about my trip. She suggested when I get out west to look for a place called crazy woman. I have no idea what she is referring to but I told her I’d check it out.  She asked my plans for after the trip and I told her I honestly had no idea. I got laid off, sold all my possessions and decided to bike coast to coast to see our country. She said my story reminded her of “Into the Wild” and I immediately lifted up the right side of my shirt to show her my tattoo of “Bus 142”.  I couldn’t believe she knew exactly what it meant. She told me to stay safe and if nothing else do not try to live in the Alaskan wilderness. I agreed with her and headed out for Howe Street.

Beer Indiana
Drinking beer from the micro brewery down the street 🙂

When I arrived I bumped into a woman driving through who commented on my lovely yard. I explained to her that this was not my home and I was just staying temporarily for a night. She began to ask if I was homeless, which technically for the past month I am, however I am biking coast to coast.  She asked if I was a godsend and threw away her cigarette. She hadn’t smoked in 7 years and thought for some reason I was a sign to kick the habit.  She prayed for me for over five minutes and then we parted ways.  I walked to Upland Brewery Company and grabbed a six pack of Helios Pale Ale.  I asked the bartender where the night life is in this town and she suggested I go to Kirkwood Street for college life or Atlas and House Barn for a more low key bar. I thanked her and headed back to Howe Street.

I am now sitting drinking some brews waiting for Trevor to arrive.  Maybe we can pick up some girls who I will never see again.  Definitely been a long, interesting day.